neverfull's dillema ... ^^

  1. what clothes to wear with the neverfull ??
    i think neverfull is a very casual bag
    and i think it'll be nice to wear with a mini skirt or maybe shorter shorts ??
    but i also think it still have a chance to be wore with a more formal wear
    but i need some reference from you
    would you mind to post some modelling pics ??
    mine is the neverfull gm
    thanks ^^ :smile:
  2. I think the GM is a little big to wear with formal clothes IMO, except work clothes of course
  3. I too would wear it with anything except for formal/evening attire. But for casual or work, yes!
  4. it looks casual to me! it is a totebag after all...
  5. It's more of a casual bag, I would use it on weekends and for work if I am dressed "business casual".
  6. i wore my GM with almost anything :p
    but mostly with summer flowy baby doll dress with skinny jeans/tights and high tops converse or flat sandals.
  7. I'm sorry for the crappy pics but you get an idea... The neverfull looks completely different with the sides tucked in.
    SL370109 (Medium).JPG PICT1383 (Medium).JPG PICT1406 (Medium).JPG PICT1393 (Medium).JPG
  8. I think that with the sides undone, the neverfull is a casual bag all the way!
    However when you start tucking in the sides, it becomes a little less casual and will work with "business casual".
    Great pic's pinkgoldfish! Love the bandeau!
  9. The Neverfull is a casual bag so it goes well with blue jeans, shorts, any kind of beach wear and casual dresses...I would not wear it with business attire.