Neverfulls are on elux!!

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  1. Apologies mods if this is posted in the wrong location, but....

    The neverfulls are on elux!!! I think I'm gonna try them on IRL before choosing between MM and PM. They're so great! :tup:

    It says on elux they can resist up to 231 pounds even though the straps are so thin.

    There are also damier azur speedy 25s available!!

  2. I think I'll check them out now, thanks!
  3. I ordered the PM this morning. Looking at pictures in the Neverfull Clubhouse, the MM looked huge!
    Will post pictures when I receive it!
  4. I saw that....all 3 sizes! If only there was another free shipping code I'd go for the MM.
  5. omg i'm gonna get the gm!! I was gonna get a bh but these are bigger and cost less.!! im in love
  6. I thinks it's absolutely amazing that they can hold that much weight!!! wow!!!