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  1. Does anyone recall how much LV charges to replace the handles on a Neverfull MM. The first time I had them replaced they did it free of charge because the bag was just under a year old. The straps look terrible again probably because I carry a very heavy laptop in it but I would like to get them repaired because I use a different bag for work now.
  2. I heard them quote $180.00 to someone today to replace them, but it might vary!
  3. It's $180. I just took mine in to get replaced two days ago.
  4. Is that for all of the vachetta? Since there is also the trim and side leather pulls. It would look weird if they are different colors.

  5. Nope, that's just the price of the handles.
  6. I think they told the woman the trim would be another $80.00 or something like that.
  7. In December I had new handles, trim and hardware replaced. It was $510. Well worth it!
  8. To replace all the vachetta leather on a neverfull MM here in AUSTRALIA it is $765AUD quoted just last week march 2016
  9. If you want to replace every leather part it will be $540.
  10. Wow.

  11. Thanks! I think I got my Neverfull mm for like 850 or $900 something crazy like that many years ago at LV. But I guess at today's prices 540 makes sense.
  12. Does anyone know of neverfull corners can be repaired? My GM in Damier Ebene is starting to show a little red on the corners. Is this something that I could possibly get repaired?
  13. Thank you for all the info on Neverfull leather getting replaced. I was wondering if anyone had any luck on getting the peeling inside the zippered pocket repaired. It drives me nuts and looks like skin when it peels off. Any info will be appreciated!
  14. If it's showing through the canvas on the edges then no, it cannot be repaired unfortunately.
  15. Thanks for the info. Is that something that is normal wear? How can I prevent it from getting worse?