1. I am thinking about getting a Neverfull as a baby bag? What do you think? Has anyone used it in this manner? ALso what is the smallest one called? OHHHHH and when does the Damier model come out?
  2. I think using it as a baby bag is a good idea! :tup: The smallest one is the PM, medium is MM and largest is GM. I have no idea when damier comes out. :p

    You can do a search and check to see when the Damier one comes out - I think it's posted somewhere in the reference section.
  3. If I were having a baby, I'd definitely get it. My kids are 2 and 5 now....wish they had it back then.
  4. I love the neverfull, but I think there are better baby bags out there, because baby bags work best with compartments.
  5. yea, youd have to use a lot of smaller bags to get organized!
  6. I have the largest Neverful and use it as my diaper bag (and everything else bag)! It is THE BEST! I use one of the 'Diapees and Wipees"
    to hold a few diapers and a travel pack of wipes. Then I have a small zippered bag that is for snacks and a small water bottle (my son is 18 months now so no more bottles!). Depending on where we are going I sometimes carry a small zippered pouch with a change of clothes. I also have my wallet, cosmetic bag, phone, zip pouch of anti-bacterial handwipes and whatever else I need. I also put most purchases and his jacket in there too...seriously I can fit anything in this bag! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. totally agree that baby bags work best with compartments, but i just couldn't help myself so i got the neverfull gm. i still love it and it's not that bad since i use other bags to keep things organized. my bf doesnt like it though because then he has to play the guessing game of which pouch carries what when he digs into it. :p but as long as i know, it's all good! :yahoo:
  8. I have the mini lin diaper bag and I really recommend has compartments/pockets for all the baby stuff and so much more extras for mom's stuff...
  9. Yes, I think Neverfull is a great diaper bag.
    I have a 2 months old right now, and currently use mine as diaper's bag.
    I toss everything in there... love it!
  10. Thanks ladies. That Diapees and Wippess looks great. I wish there was something made for bottles though.
  11. It would make a great Diaper Bag!
  12. Great idea! Get it and get yourself a "purseket" to hold all of your small items - powder, wipes, etc. This will keep them organized.
  13. I think it seems like a fab idea (but then I don't have a baby so don't know if its really unpractical in reality for baby stuff :rolleyes:) - I would buy it, try it, and if it doesn't work out get a proper baby bag thingie then - and at least you would still have the Neverful for yourself later on.......
  14. I've actually just decided to get a neverfull to use as a diaper bag! I will also use it as my work bag, so it will get a lot of use! According to the SA at my LV boutique the damier version will come out in June. I think I'm going to wait until June to check out the damier neverfull to see if I want that one or the mono one.
  15. i think it would be perfect for that!