1. Is this considered a purse or a tote? Would you carry the smallest as a purse, or is it meant to be a tote, only?
  2. I have the neverfull PM and use it as a purse. It is small like a purse but fits so much in it!! I love it and have no complaints.
  3. I have the MM and use it as a purse. I think that if you don't draw the sides in, it looks more like a tote.
  4. I have the PM and use it as a purse. BTW, I love it!
  5. Personally I think of it as a tote.
  6. what is the difference between a purse and tote?
  7. I was wondering the same thing.... I guess the way I would look at it with the Neverfull is that it can look different. 1 way -- looks more "purse-like" with the sides drawn in, and if I had one, that's how I'd wear it. The second way, with the sides open, looks more "tote-like"... I'm not sure if thats what you guys meant, but thats how I took it :smile:
  8. same thing
  9. i have the GM and carry it without it drawstringed

  10. I was about to ask the same question :smile:
  11. I think the small one can be a purse
  12. I have the GM and use it to shlep books, laptop, files, etc all over the place. I saw a petite woman carrying a really cute purse the other day; then realized it was the PM with the drawstrings not pulled. Looked very nice w/her jeans, turtleneck and boots! It is small though, compared to the giant one I carry, lol. It would be too small for me (I'm over 6 ft in socks).
  13. my pm is my everyday purse :yes:
  14. I am only 5ft 31/2 but I want the gm. I like large bags and will make a great vacation tote, with room for the cameras, etc
  15. I have the MM and use it as a purse.