1. I'm looking forward to seeing this bag in person. I think I would like the biggest one so it will never by full.:nuts: My SA told me that it will be released in Damier and Damier Azur later this year.
  2. In Damier too?! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing the news!
  3. Oh my goodness! I would love one in damier!!!!
  4. I think I will like this bag, time to rest up my Cabas Mezzo LOL
  5. omg...the damier will look great as will the original mono. i do love the look of the neverfull but i am worried about the rather slim carrying straps. they look kinda wimpy and i'm afraid they will snap?

    what do you guys think?
  6. I like the lining inside. But I'm still not that sure on it?!?

    I cant remember what the straps look like...
  7. :drool: I want I want...
  8. Damier baby! Yes, I want!
  9. In the pic. the straps look narrow like a pochette strap or maybe a little thicker...what does the interior look like?
  10. Damier? really? YAY!!!! Oh man I really can't wait!
  11. This bag doesn't really appeal to me, but the price point is awesome.
  12. I think this bag is awesome, love the style and the shape, when is the release date for the monogram ones ?
  13. June 1st for mono, the lining is a cloth stripe that will pull shut. It's a great tote bag!
  14. Azur too... I'd love to see that!
  15. I can't WAIT to see it!!!