neverfull! which do u prefer?

  1. do you prefer the gm or the mm?? i want one, but not sure if the gm is too large. i would also be using it to store some items for my toddler (diapers, wipe cloths, etc). i am 5'2 if that helps! thanks everyone!!!:heart:
  2. I would get the mm instead of the gm. The straps are too thin to carry all the toddler stuff on the gm. I think mm is the perfect size. Unfortunately, it's all sold out in Los Angeles, CA.
  3. MM...IMO, the GM is *too* large.
  4. My Sis in law uses the GM as a Diaper bag. If u dun like the saggy bottom use a cardboard.
  5. I have in MM, it's huge but after carrying Suhali L'Impresivible, I'll vote for GM ;)
  6. MM would be perfect for what you're looking for.
  7. I use MM, its a perfect size for you... GM is HUGE !!!
  8. I like the look of the GM...
  9. I have a GM and it's HUGE, had I known how big it was I probably would've gone for a MM, but it's MOCA so I'm never giving it up. I think the MM is probably big enough to carry everything you need for your toddlers. The GM is big enough to carry your toddler!
  10. I am 5'3" and I like the PM but I personally like small bags. You should go for the MM since you are using it for your toddler.
  11. I'm going to say the MM because that's the one I chose...I won't get it until Tuesday though.

    My store still has them if anyone can't find one.
  12. Neverfull MM size is good but it also depends on what you are carrying besides the toddler stuff. I use my MM as a purse, and I carry a bunch of stuff with me, so it's pretty full. I also use a large purseket with my Neverfull MM. But, the GM is huge, imo, so it actually might be too big for you.
  13. MM for sure
  14. Another vote for the MM. I am 5'5" and can fit tons in my MM. I thought I wanted the GM, but they were sold out, so I settled on the MM, and now I'm glad. The GM would just be too big (and I love big bags!)
  15. i'm about 4'11" and i tried the GM and it was waaay too big for me - i think the MM would fit your height perfectly. :smile: