Neverfull what size?

  1. I've definitely come to the decision that I need the Neverfull but I just cannot decide on the size. I'm debating between MM and GM. I wanna use it as an everyday bag but I also want it to fit some books so I can take it with me to classes some days. Which size do you girls get the most use out of? Do you find the MM to be too big and bulky?

    HELP! :yes:
  2. GM Bigger is always better...
  3. Mm!
  4. I think you should go for the GM if you want to carry your books.
  5. The GM of cos....:tup:
  6. Gm!!
  7. I recommend the GM ... it'll be great for books and whatnot. I use mine for my laptop.
    neverfull 1.jpg neverfull 2.jpg
  8. If you want it for a bookbag, then I'd go with the GM. For an everyday bag, go with the MM.
  9. I got the GM this weekend! I wanted a bag for school, and this is perfect. I thought the MM looked a little too snug to fit all my books and whatnots, and it just didn't make the statement that the GM does!

    I think the MM *can* still fit books, but it would have to be without the cinch with the strings. The GM, though, looked WAY too huge on me (5'2'') without the cinch, but looked HOT when the strings were pulled on both sides. It fits everything :smile:.

    I'd definitely get the GM!
  10. GM forsure
  11. when you need to carry books, then i would get the GM.
  12. The bigger one, it isn't a bulky bag at all even with alot in it.
  13. I think the MM is a great every day size. The GM is really big!
  14. I guess it depends on your size as well. I'm only 5"0 so I got the MM. I can still fit my MacBook in there though!
  15. MM, Gm is huge.