Neverfull Weight?

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  1. So normally I carry handbags. Because my shoulders hurt to carry a should bag. I rather have sore hands than sore shoulder. I am eyeing the neverfull and it seems light compared to my heavy 2 pound leather Dooney bucket. (It's like 2 pounds empty. The thing is so heavy) I really carry like nothing. Cosmetic case / a small pouch for keys / one other small pouch for eye drops. With this weather I love tossing in a stole or large scarf. I worry how heavy it will be. Any thoughts? For reference I am not looking at the DE print, because I want the vachetta straps. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. The neverfull is extremely light. When I travel I carry my laptop and my PM sized LV planner and all the stuff I carry in my purse and its still light.

    When I'm just knocking around for the day, I'm without the laptop, but I still have everything I normally carry in my handbag - cosmetic bag, full sized wallet, key holder, and mini pochette, and it's still lightweight and easy to carry.

    I know what you mean about Dooney bags though, they are heavy, which is why I don't carry them either. There is no comparison with the Neverfull and the Dooney weight.

  3. Thank you. I appreciate that. I remembered it being lightweight. But then as I carried my Dooney which I just cannot it's seriously the heaviest bag I own. I have a BV hobo and that's light compared to the DB. Too bad. She's really pretty but damn heavy. Ok so the neverfull is considered a light bag even though it's a tote. Good to know.
  4. It's such a light bag and feels lovely on the shoulder. Mine carries lots of things and is usually heavy but once it's on my shoulder it's fine. I have found the perfect bag and it is the NF GM! [emoji7][emoji7]
  5. I have shoulder/neck issues too. It really depends on your reason for pain and how much your shoulder can take. It is definitely lighter than those big heavy leather bucket bags. My neverfull aggravates my shoulder but I carry a lot more than you in it as I only got it for traveling. I might suggest putting your items in a lightweight shopping tote. One of those little fold up travel ones that cost maybe $7 and are as light as air. Carry your items around for a day in it on your shoulder and see if you can handle that. You simply might not be able to carry anything on your shoulder. I can't do more than a pochette on a daily basis.
  6. It's very light. You will be fine as long as you don't put a small person inside.

  7. Lol :smile:
  8. The neverfull is super super super light! You'll basically be carrying the weight of whatever you put inside of it. However, the more you fill it, the heavier it will become especially because the straps are so thin. If the bag is very full with heavy things (like being used as a carry on- which I do all the time) the strap may dig into your shoulder.
  9. I agree with the others, it's very light. I will say when I carry my mono nf loaded with my usual stuff, I do notice my neck/shoulders get stiff sometimes. I assume it's from the thin straps. Personally, I don't think the DE straps would be comfortable at all on this bag.

    I recently purchased the duomo hobo (only available in DE) and it is prob just as light as the neverfull but it has the most comfortable strap. I would highly recommend it. I have been wearing it for the past week and there have been times that I forgot it was on my shoulder.
  10. The bag itself is very lightweight; however the thin straps dig (even in the vachetta). In my personal experience, I found the Neverfull uncomfortable once I had all my stuff loaded into it. For that reason I exchanged it for the Totally. I find the thicker, longer straps of the Totally far more comfortable.

  11. That's an excellent idea. Never occurred to me about the shoulder.

    Awwwww. Dang. You caught me. You mean I cannot load my 6 year old in there? Lol
  12. So I actually have a little person in my neverfull! [emoji23]


    Don't be scared, it's just an American girl doll! Lol!
    FYI this does make the bag quite heavy [emoji28]

  13. Lmao!!!!! Omg!!!! [emoji23][emoji122]
  14. I can't carry heavy bags so the NF's are perfect. My DE tends to dig in a lot more due to the coating but the vachetta of the mono will soften. I only really feel the mono dig in if I wear sleeveless tops or I overload it with heavy things like books. I hardly do that though - I use mine more like purses. 🙂

  15. LOL I Love you guys, you make me laugh.
    great thread here.
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