Neverfull vs. Totally - pictures? Help!

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  1. I only purchase LV every few years so I need to make sure that when I do, I make the right decision. I'm hoping to get one in the next couple of weeks and I'm between the Totally PM and the Neverfull PM in DE.

    I want something that I can use every day that's not ridiculously big but big enough to carry my daily essentials and iPad, ereader, etc. I'm on the small side so I want something that's not too big, which is why I'm leaning towards the PM. I specifically want the DE canvas, so I don't think there are any other bags that would fit this description, but I'm open to suggestions.

    What are the pros/cons to each of the bags and does anyone have any pictures of them with either of them?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have owned both. I think the Neverfull PM is too small. The Totally PM gets my vote. Although, I really think you should get the Neverfull MM.
    Can I ask your height and size? I am curious about why you think the Neverfull PM is the right "fit" bodywise.
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  3. Neverfull MM... wait for DE with rose ballerine interior release if you would love rose over red interior?
    But if you prefer a zipper, then you'd be happy with the Totally PM. However, may be too small for your everyday needs.
  4. I'm 5'3" and wear a size 00. I don't want my bag to take over me, and I find that bigger bags tend to do that.
  5. Great that Neverfull MM in canvas is slouchy so doesn't overpower anyone.
  6. I'm 5'3" and wear 00-0 and I have the NF MM. I went back and forth between the PM and MM sizes but the MM won out hands down due to versatility and functionality. When I'm not carrying a lot I fold the sides in, then just use as a tote as needed. Wearing it either way doesnt overwhelm me at all. I didn't like how the Totally looked on me. HTH!!

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  7. I don't think the MM will do that at all. I was completely expecting you to tell me that you were 4'10" or something. It will look great on you.


    Looks great on you.
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    I would go for the totally but MM size. It is not a big bag at all. I'm only 5'5" ish and thin and I found even the MM size a bit small. The zipper for security was a big plus.
  9. I'm 4'11 and found the neverfull pm to be way too small. I would recommend the neverfull mm in the new rose ballerine interior. I would be tempted myself if I hadn't fallen in love with the speedy b 25 in de. Here's one pic I took a few months ago comparing sizes of some bags. The mono mm neverfull is pictured next to the caissa tote pm and a mono speedy 25. Good luck! Let us know what you decide. [​IMG]
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  10. Great choice. Looks good on you.
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  11. I not a small women but I am a short women 5'1, and I found the GM the right size for me because I overwhelmed the mm " just being honest" So the height that you are and the size that you are the Neverfull MM would look great on you. Totally pm would be to small for me. I have the mm so the pm would look great on you as well. :idea: GOOD LUCK!!
  12. I have both, a Neverfull MM and a Totally PM. The Neverfull is my throw anything in bag and definitely holds more then the totally. The totally has the zipper and the pockets so its a bit more secure and the pockets are awesome! I take the train in to work everyday so I am always concerned that someone will get into my Neverfull and I wont even notice. I guess it depends on what you are looking for...if you want something more secure go for the totally. If you're cool with a bag that's totally open but can fit a ton get the Neverfull.

    The totally MM looks too big and awkward to me which is why I went for the PM. The Neverfull PM was just too tiny but the MM was perfect...
  13. I use my totally pm a lot more than my neverfull pm. The strap is more comfortable and I use the outside pocket for my phone. Really love my totally :smile:
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  14. Between the two I have seen them both and I would pick the totally pm.
  15. I prefer the Totally. It's a bit more stylish and I love the security of the zip. The exterior pockets are so functional , especially for travel. In terms of size, I think it's more about what you typically carry. I've bought two MMs for me but for my daughter I bought the PM and it's perfect for her.
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