Neverfull vs. Speedy Bandouliere...Help!!!

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    Hey ladies! I've been contemplating getting an LV bag for the longest and I've narrowed it down to two bags, the neverfull and the speedy Bandouliere, both in the damier ebene print. Which bag do you prefer? I know that some ladies have reported issues with the neverfull. Does the Bandouliere have issues as well?

    I also wanted to know what size would work best for me. (I'm 5'8, 124 lbs with a thin frame). TIA!
  2. Speedy b for sure. I have both and love my neverfull but I use my speedy b the most out of all my bags. The 30 is a good size. My speedy b is a de 35 but I wanted it to be really big for my toddlers items.
  3. Another toe for Speedy B. I found the thin straps on the NF very uncomfortable but love the versatility of the Speedy B.
  4. My NF is a MM and my Speedy B is a 35. I have no issues with my Speedy, but I need to take my NF in due to the peeling. The best thing about the Speedy B are: 1.) you can carry it three ways 2.) make adjustment on the straps the way you like it. Good luck deciding.
  5. Speedy b first. That was my first. Then I got an Eva and now I plan on getting the neverfull in azur

    I agree with poster above. The speedy can be worn different ways and so can the Eva. That's why I got them :smile: mine is a 30 and both are mono. The neverfull is the least important to me so that's why it's third. I decided on the Eva over it but I can't stop thinking about it and I want another azur item so since I'm going on vacation it'll be a good memento
  6. I've wanted the neverfull ever since I laid eyes on it but the strap issues are giving me second thoughts.. I really do love it though..but the speedy b is such a nice looking bag! Does it hold its shape well? I'm afraid that it might lose it and look flat or bunched up and squished
  7. If you're worried about the shape, get a purse organizer, like the Purse To Go. When i don't have many things in my speedy b, it looks flat. My Purse To Go gives it the perfect balance. Not flat and not boxy/not too structured. I have speedy b 30 in DE. The Purse To Go size is a jumbo. My friend has neverfull mm and she uses the PTG in extra jumbo when it's not cinched and a jumbo when it's cinched. There are lots of YouTube videos on this. Go check them out before you make your final decision. I think 30 is a good size for an everyday bag. I'm 5'4". For some strange reason ive had 2 girls ask whether mine was 30 or 35. Somehow they think mine looks bigger than a 30 lol! Good luck :smile:
  8. The speedy B is the most practical bag LV made as far as versatility goes. It's the only bag I've bought that I've been 100 percent happy with. Although I would have liked it in the emp line... ;)
  9. Agree! So want a 25 in empriente too! The colors are so gorgeous!
  10. I love the orient color... I'm afraid in any of those colors I'd tire of it too quickly. Speedy needs to be mono or ebene.
  11. I wouldn't recommend a de nf. The straps are so uncomfortable. It digs into your shoulder quick. I'm 5'5" 120 lbs, so there is plenty of clearance and even with just basic items it is a pain to carry. My ikat nf is comfortable so a mono or azur nf would be a good choice. The speedy b is just the best bag since it's so versatile. You seem to have your heart set on the nf. You may be disappointed in the de nf.
  12. Thanks everyone! :smile:...still can't decide but I'm leaning towards speedy b more and more. For the price do you think it's worth it? Is there a drastic difference vs. the regular speedy? I know that they sell straps that you can always put on a regular one and it would cost less. Sorry for all the questions. I just want to be well informed before I make my purchase!
  13. It is definitely worth the price! ! I don't like the look of a speedy with a strap. The speedy b attaches on the side so you don't have to worry about the handles ripping. For me my first lv was a lot for a bag but I saw the value in it once I had it. Can't wait for your reveal!
  14. My vote is for the speedy b! You get the added protection of a zipper and it is so versatile
  15. In the DE print I like the Speedy B 30 it's my most used Speedy. I love it, I do have the Neverfull MM but in the Monogram and I love that print for the Neverfull. Good luck with your decision.