neverfull vs. bucket HELP!!

  1. hi everyone,
    i am new on this site & need some help. my husband just bought me the hampstead GM which i am not happy with. i want to exchange for either the neverfull MM or the petite bucket. any thoughts/opinions? I have to make this exchange within the week & i have to do it over the internet - nearest store is 5 hrs. away. please help!!

    bucket just seems so classic but is it difficult to use on a daily basis? i usually fill my bag with the basics (cell, wallet, pouch) & then like to have room to throw in a book or mag. & sometimes my agenda.

    I am petite (5') but love big bags.

  2. The Neverfull is a really pretty bag and also the lining is so cute! you can even turn it inside out and it still looks hot.
    I really think the neverfull good price , several sizes and very pretty :yes:
  3. I would choose the neverfull too.
  4. Neverfull
  5. I had the petit bucked and I HATED it!!! Such a small bag and an awkward shape!! Love the Neverfull!
  6. i have both and i suggest the neverfull mm (i have that one) it is almost as big as the mezzo and it fits a whole bunch of stuff. with the price difference, maybe buy a pochette? i hope that helps.
  7. REALLY?? you don't think the neverfull is too flimsy & too big? I was going to get the medium one. or maybe petite?
  8. I've had a bucket, Sold it!
    Go for the neverfull you'll like it a lot more.
  9. I'm also 5', and I have the petite bucket and love it! It's easy to get things in and out, nothing spills out of the open top, and it really suits our size. However, I don't know how a magazine would fit. I'll try that later and keep you updated.
  10. I used to have the petit bucket...although I loved it, I sold it because it was just too small for what it was! Not that I'm a big bag person (I'm not at all), but the fact that it was shallow and narrow, you really couldn't throw stuff in there unless you organized it pretty well. I was able to fit a thin spiral notebook and a magazine, but again, that was all up to organization.

    I suggest the neverfull mm. It'll be a LOT easier to get in and out of. :yes: If you're still unsure about the bag size, you could opt for the PM version...that holds all that you need, too!
  11. I am not a fan of the Neverfull and the Bucket might be too small for your everyday needs... how about a Saleya MM?
  12. I'd say Neverfull.
  13. I have the petite bucket and I love it! It really is a bag that you will either love the minute you put it on or not.
    I find that it is very comfortable and holds all of my stuff easily; I carry a cellphone, ipod, small agenda (as wallet),a cles,Nars lip pallette and still have room carry dh's camera and a small paperback for me!
  14. I say bucket if you like a cute size, or else the neverfull if you want lots of room and expandability.
  15. John has a point. I have both. Neverfull is lighter, but Saleya is more secure (since it has a zipper). Saleya is heavier too. Neverfull is easier for grab n'go. So depending on what you prefer. I've been using my neverfull a bit more, since it's newer and it's summer (not as heavy on my shoulders w/just a t-shirt). GOOD LUCK choosing!!