Neverfull Vs Beverly Vs Mini Lin Speedy


Which one for sis??

  1. Neverfull MM (with Pochette Trunk & Bag)

  2. Beverly MM

  3. Speedy Mini Lin (Ebene ie black)

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  1. Its my little sister's birthday! She's an accountant with a little baby girl; she's quite simple and fuss-free with little make-up all the time. She's thrifty; she only has one shoulder carried Fendi Bag that I bought her 3 years ago that looks a bit dirty. I wanna get her something to bring to work for her birthday, being the caring doting elder (and extravagant) sister I m! Lol.

    When she saw my mini lin speedy, she was like "that's pretty!" But she also mentioned she liked the Beverly MM when I showed her some pics. But the Neverfull is so popular now! I dunno what to get her!

    Please help!:heart:
  2. My DH went through the catalogue with me and said... the Yack (of Damiere Geant) lol.

    Some pictorial guide

    beverly.jpg Beverly

    neverfull.jpg Neverfull with pochette

    ebene.jpg Mini Lin Speedy, my darrrllings (said in Dynasty style)
  3. I was about to say the Neverful since you mentioned that she has a small child. It's very low maintenance. However, since she already mentioned liking the Beverly, I went with that one.

    You are a great sis for doing this!!
  4. I like the Neverfull MM
  5. I love my Mini Lin Speedy. But I love the other choices also[​IMG]
  6. Neverfull & pochette trunk&bag! Not only it's adjustable, but it will be handy when there's a little one around, plus it's super easy to take care the monogram-baby wipe!
  7. I voted for Mini Lin, because I love mine.

    My second choice would be the Bev MM.
  8. I would say the Neverfull. I purchased mine w/the intention of using it as diaper bag when I have kids.
  9. Going to have to say its sort of a tie between the neverfull only because its a shoulder bag(and with little kids it works great) and the minilin.

    So after that I would base it on whether she likes shoulder bags better or visa-versa.
  10. I totally overlooked the diaper bag part.

    I would still go with Mini Lin but would go with BH instead of Neverfull.
  11. Although I think the Beverly and the Mini Lin are really nice, I voted for the Neverfull and the pochette. Since your sister is simple and fuss-free, and since she has a little baby girl, I'd think that the shoulder bag aspect of the neverfull would be very convenient for her.
  12. I would get the Beverly since she mentioned she liked it. :yes:
  13. ^Second that, Beverly would be a nice change.
  14. mini lin speedy got my vote :smile:
  15. neverfull all the way... happy shopping :smile: