Neverfull vachetta replacement

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  1. Hi ladies! :smile:

    I'm looking into buying a preloved mono neverfull mm since the I was thinking the new ones are over 1k now! its crazy but the NF has been the one bag i've always been eyeing even before I got into LV!

    I came across a neverfull MM from 2007.

    The seller changed just replaced the handles and the trim, however the 2 strings to clinch the NF and the inside vachetta that hangs the clips and everything is really dark and nasty.

    I was wondering if they can also replace the strings and the inside vachetta? Has anyone done this?! How much would it be?

    Is $650 worth it having to pay for replacements on top of that? or should I try to see if they still have the original NF mono in stores?
  2. Sounds like $650 + the cost to replace the vachetta, might be almost the cost of buying it new. You need to contact LV CS to find out exactly how much it would cost. I would also suggest shopping around for a pre-loved NF MM in better shape. I see them on Yoogi's and FP often.