Neverfull Vachetta Leather Quote?

Feb 29, 2008
Arizona, USA
Hi...I was wondering if any of you have ever received a quote to replace the vachetta leather on a mono neverfull GM.....or just the top trim leather around the top of the bag. My top trim got sliced by a sharp piece of metal on an old trunk at a relative's house over the holidays. :sad: So sad.


Feb 17, 2011
Yes I actually did get everything replaced. I was pregnant and I love that bag so much. I wanted to replace the leather (the patina) was ugly. I asked the sales associate to give me a quote and she quoted $200. Good thing I had her put it in writing. Well I got the call the last week right before I was due......the bill came close to $600. I was so upset....I spoke to the manager and she honored what the sales associated quoted $200.