Neverfull... Unisex?

  1. So I went traveling to Asia earlier this summer, and I've seen already a lot of people with Neverfull, and it proved to be popular among both men & women. So... NEVERFULL... Is it unisex??? What does everyone else think? :tdown: or :tup:
  2. TO me...not so really has a fem flair to it. I think if it had a bigger handle I could see a guy carrying it. (mind you I love a guy that is confidant enough to carry whatever the hell he wants.)
  3. Maybe Damier GM will look better on men?
  4. I think the never MM and GM would be ok for a guy to carry.
  5. I think it is really an individual thing and depends on the guy's personal style. Hell I carry a silver Miroir keepall - who am I to judge. I know people look at me and think "freak" but I LVOE it - the bag that is!!

    If you want it go for it!!
  6. im waiting for my neverfull :smile: i got the largest size, the handles are thin, but i dont think that makes the bag too 'feminine'.. i think its unisex.
  7. hmmmmm.....not really marketed towards men, I guess if you're comfortable carrying it, that's all that matters to you!
  8. I don't think so, I think it's a feminine bag. I like a guy w/ a keepall and a messenger and the squash bag as far as mono goes.
  9. The larger size can also be used by guys
  10. No, I think this one is for the ladies.
  11. This (gay) guy totally agrees. Love your Winehouse avatar. It's femmy, I'd rock it (because I do what I wanna) BUT before I did I'd spend the money on one of the other LVs I want, so no for me.
  12. Yeah I think the skinny straps are kind of making it more of a feminine bag.
  13. As a guy, if I could have one for free (:p) I'd take the Damier GM as a beach bag- overall I'd never actually spend money on any of them though. LV makes too many great men's bags to have to dip into the women's selection- if you absolutely felt the need to have a shoulder tote you could always get a Tourmentin or a Mohican. Gucci also makes a few nice men's totes in the sub-$600 area.
  14. :tdown: for me.
  15. NO