Neverfull toughts?

  1. What do you guys think about the Neverfull bags?

    In picture it looks lovely,but i saw it this week at the LV boutique in Montreal,and i was not impressed....i would prefer a zipper on the bag,but the sizes are great.....i really wanted to get it,now i really dont know........:shrugs:

    Help please !
  2. It's nice but the damier is much hotter IMO
  3. I like it a lot when I was at the mall I saw a lady carrying on a stroller and it looked great lol!
  4. I love my PM, but if you were not impressed, hold onto your money.

    The lack of a zipper doesn't bother me. I put my wallet in the zipped pocket. That's the only thing I would hate to lose. I do love the size. I can fit a ton of stuff in it with room to spare. I mentioned this elsewhere, but I actually put my shopping bags from the mall in my PM. I also use it to carry books, magazines, and grocery items. This is in addtition to the stuff I regularly carry in there.
  5. not having the zipper is what i like about it and i'm waiting for Damier too.
  6. There's a damier version??I dint know that !!
    Does anybody have a picture ??
  7. I don't particularly love it. It's probably one of my least favorite designs. Maybe I'd like it better in Damier, and perhaps it would be okay to tote stuff in if you're traveling, but I wouldn't want to use it as an everyday purse, and not really something that's a fashion statement.
  8. ^it's not out yet, next year I think it's comin or was it this year I'm not sure they keep changing the date there will also be a azur version
  9. My SA keeps saying November, but we'll see. I've put my name down for one of the first four damier MM that Scottsdale gets.
  10. Not one of my favorite, there plenty of other bags that are just as roomy and have zipper...
  11. I will get the Neverfull GM in Damier, casual with lots of space (maybe shopping bag and university bag where you throw around lots of things) I think the GM is so deep that I don't have to worry about thieves, especially with cinched sides and a pochette inside. We'll see...
  12. I think it *looks* great but I would be concerned about the handles. They look like they would dig into my shoulder if the bag was heavy. For an LV tote, I love the vachetta and better handles...IMO.
  13. I also liked how it looked in the pictures..and was unimpressed when i saw it IRL. If you don't know whether you want it now... that means you don't!!!
  14. not fussed I prefer a more substantial bag....I rather pay a tad more and get something I is an entry level bag and feels rather simple...for an entry level bag the speedy is great because it is an iconic classic piece....
  15. Not one of my faves....I'd need a zipper.