Neverfull / Totally / Delightful debate!

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  1. Hello everyone. I am hoping to add a shoulder bag to my collection and looking at these 3. The neverfull and totally would be MM the delightful probably PM. I had a quick try at the boutique a while back and I was surprised at how high up the delightful came under my arm if that makes sense! Any thoughts on comfort or ease of use would be much appreciated. I struggle with shoulder bags as I have rather 'slope-y' shoulders and straps have a tendency to fall down my arm ... If anyone has experience of this with these three bags could you let me know! Many thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I have the NF GM and a pair of Delightful MMs, both are great bags but I personally find the Delightful more comfortable to wear and more practical as an actual purse. The MM has a more noticeable slouch, so it doesn't sit as high up as the PM, and is a bit easier to gain access to while on the shoulder. With that being said it only has a single strap and can slip off more easily if you have sloped/rounded shoulders and it's one giant cavern inside.
    The NF is an open-top tote which is great for travel, a book bag, or if you just generally carry a lot of things but it does have a short handle drop so it will sit high up. The straps are also thinner and have a tendency to dig in when the NF gets heavier which is easier to do because of the size. It has two straps and is less likely to slip off as easy as the Delightful but again is just one giant cavern.
    I don't have the Totally but it has a zippered top for added security and has both interior and exterior pockets to help keep things accessible and organized. It has two wider straps and the handle drop is more generous than the NF MM or Delightful PM, as for comfort I can only assume it would be second to the Delightful given that I have a bag with identical straps. Like the NF it's more likely to stay on your shoulders because of the double strap design, is easier to access despite the zipper, but some people say it looks a lot like a diaper bag...I personally think it looks practical and functional.

    As to which one you choose, if any, is completely dependent on your personal taste and lifestyle. Good luck deciding:smile:
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  3. Thank you very much for such a detailed response it is much appreciated. I had never thought of the organisation inside the totally versus the neverfull/ delightful open space with no compartments! I have young children so looking like a diaper bag doesn't worry me... I agree with you I see a practical bag rather than a mummy bag! Thanks again.
  4. Delightful
  5. Most welcome and good luck!
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    I went to a boutique to try the Neverfull and the Totally, because I loved the look of both. On me, the Totally looked simply better sizewise and I really love the zipper and the many extra pockets. You could put a water bottle or your keys/ mobile phone in the exterior pockets for easy access. I don't see the similarity to a diaper bag and the shoulderstraps are really comfortable.
    The Delightful is also stunning, but the slouchy look didn't feel right for me and the stuff I usually carry in my bag.
    I still love the Neverfull and I'm not sure I won't buy it at some point :heart:
    So if you habe the chance you should go and try them on just to see how the bags look on you to help you make a decision ;)
  7. Also fill in the things you usually carry with you to see how the bags look fully stuffed - this could also help when you go to your boutique again.
  8. I have NF & Delightful. I like them both though I LOVE the look of the Delightful much better (I'm a slouchy hobo girl so I'm partial to the Delightful). I don't have a problem with either staying on my shoulder although the Neverfull probably has less chance of slippage from the shoulder because of the two thin straps. I have the Delightful MM in mono & the strap is super comfortable. A friend of mine has the Delightful MM in damier ebene. She mentioned to me the other day that it falls off her shoulder because the pretreated leather strap is "slippery". I have no experience with the Totally but I have to say that it appears to be the most practical of the 3 bags. Good luck!
  9. I tried the delightful mm a few times and didn't have luck with it staying on my shoulder. The PM didn't fit under my arm nicely with a winter coat at all. (I am 5'3", 125lbs and don't have big arms or anything either) I have an old model totally mm and 2 neverfull mms. I love my neverfulls for everyday. The totally is best for day trips and traveling for me, but I really don't use it as much as I thought I would. I prefer the style/look of the neverfull. The totally has the nice pockets and zip top, but the same can be for the neverfull when I use the zip top organizers I have from pursebling. Out of the 3, I personally pick neverfull.
  10. I have all three. Love the never full and delightful, but never use the totally. For me, it's too stiff and structured. Cud I could only have one, it would be the never full.
  11. I have the "old" Delightful and it has more room underarm. I tried the "new" Delightful at the store and, although I'm small 5'2" and skinny, the strap was much too tight when worn on shoulder. Also tried out the Totally. The PM looks to small and the MM looks too clumpy.
    For me, the Neverfull, especially in DE, is one of THE most classy LV bags. Good luck, whatever you choose.
  12. I had all 3. Didnt like how the totally had weird wrinkles above the side pockets and near base of handles when it hangs on my shoulder.

    The GM NF is a great but too big for daily errands and stuff. I always need it cinched so it doesnt look like Im carrying a beach bag tp grocery store.

    My chooce is delightful mm. The slouch is lovely. The handle is comfortable. Great size for me 5'3 120 pounds
  13. I own the Neverfull MM and the Delightful MM, but no Totally. I'd just like to say that when the Delightful is trained to slouch, it has a great strap drop. I never wear my bag with the top "straight up." :biggrin:

    Here's a pic of what I mean, though my bag is the MM size...

  14. So dreamy :smile:
  15. Love the delightful!! If I had to chose one that would be it. But all are great.