Neverfull straps hurt my shoulders!

  1. Hi I just purchased a neverfull pm a few days ago and I love it but it seems to dig into my shoulders when I wear a sleeveless top. I dont put too much stuff in it but it does feel like its cutting my shoulders. Sigh. Has anyone ever felt this with her neverfull? :sad:
  2. sorry to hear that, I loved the range but the straps was a big question with me, being so thin maybe return it for another bag?
  3. Yeah I think I may just do that. But then again, maybe I should just use it when I dont wear a sleeveless top. :confused1: :confused1::confused1:
  4. What about the Bh.
  5. It's physics, thin = more pressure. Maybe you could hand-carry it for most times and only sling it on your shoulder when you need to do something with your hands? Play with it more, if you really can't stand the pain, just exchange it for another style or get store credit. Don't worry too much about it, just go with your heart!
  6. Thanks so much for your replies. I really love the look of the neverfull. And maybe in time the straps will start to soften up. I still have time to think about whether I should return it or not. I can still see the marks on my shoulders after 2 hours of walking around the mall with it.:push: Feeling kinda sore now.
  7. That's the problem with thin straps. If it really bothers you I think you should return it. Purses shouldn't be painful to use.
  8. My DH thinks I should return it too :crybaby:
  9. I would return it and get anouther bag.
  10. I guess Ill just get a store credit and wait for the neverfull in damier. I sure hope they improve the straps.
  11. That's one of the first things I thought about the Neverfull when I saw it - I think the straps are entirely too thin for the amount of weight that they are able to hold...The weight isn't distributed evenly enough. Sorry that it's hurting you :sad:
  12. actually I feel just the opposite. I just got the GM one and I feel that its very comfortable and actually I think the thinner straps are more comfortable than my BH (thicker straps).
  13. I felt the same :sad: returned it, and got a Cabas Piano instead :smile:
  14. It's a really cute bag, but there's nothing cute about feeling pain from carrying it!
  15. I agree the Neverfull is really cute, but just like shoes, if it is too uncomfortable to where whenever you want it isn't worth it. I hope you find something you love, good luck and keep us posted!