Neverfull straps - Are yours fraying or fuzzy?

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  1. For those who own the neverfull, which canvas do you have and how do your straps look? I just got mine about 2 weeks ago and I notice if I looked closely one strap is kind of fuzzy along where the red glazing is, while the other strap is completely 100% smooth with no little "hairs" of leather sticking up. Is this normal wear and tear? Both straps were smooth when brand new but over the last 2 weeks one has remained that way while one has started getting fuzzier by edge. I'm not sure i'd go as far as saying its "frayed" more like its a little fuzzy? All theres neverfull problem threads have me :wondering. I'm dreading having to bring it back into the store and having to pro-actively convince them to help me with it so I've written it off as "normal" but this concern keeps coming back. Thanks for any input.
  2. I've had my neverfull for over a year and the straps look fine.
  3. meee too
  4. ^same here.
    i've had mine for 10mths. mono gm; use it for school pretty much everyday. straps look fine.
  5. ^^^ Thanks for all the help. Just to update, I brought it back and they agreed to exchange but they only had 2 more and there were minor things wrong with them so I ended up getting store credit. Hopefully they'll get new inventory soon!
  6. i wouldn't worry about it. the straps are made of 2 layers of leather sandwiched together, and the fuzz you see is the fibers of the underside of the skin, where the 2 layers are joined. i have a neverfull in damier ebene, and the edges are smooth but if i look very closely i can see a line of leather fibers where the 2 layers meet, but i didn't panic because i knew right away what it was. your straps are most likely fine. slight visible leather fibers don't mean its falling apart.
  7. pics???
  8. This is s well known problem. That's why they agreed to the exchange and then a credit so quickly. It's just not well-made. I'm thrilled you get a credit. I recommend a different beautiful bag. The BH is wonderful if you're looking for a shoulder tote.
  9. Does anyone know if there is there a way to keep the straps from doing that? I have a Montorgueil GM had the same problem. Only thing I got it only a month ago, I'm wondering if they will take it back as well? lol...

    Thanks :smile:
  10. My bag is more than a year old and the straps look fine.
  11. Honestly, this is why I recently decided to get a Damier speedy with a strap. I really love the style of the neverfull, but after seeing so many pics and reading so many tales about the straps wearing, it was a no go for me. I have had many speedies and they all look brand new and last forever. I wish you all good luck with the neverfull. Hopefully LV will help out and replace them if they begin to wear.