Neverfull storage box?!?!

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  1. :confused1:Hey! Just wondering if all you neverfull owners received a storage box with your purchase? My husband bought me a Neverfull MM for my bday today, the bag was it's sleeper and then thrown in the vuitton paperbag! Did I get jipped? But, surprisingly, the bag was only $620 CDN!! so cheap for a bag of that size!
  2. i purchased the gm and didnt get a box. i didnt think there would be any that fit! the bags are huge.
  3. hmm... you would think a box would come with it...

    Well... you can go to the boutique and ask for a box, they are usually willing to give you a box or a dustbag if you need it!

    Hope i was able to help...

    OH! I almost forgot... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! And congrats on the bag! AND- welcome to tPF!
  4. Happy Birthday!
    They dont give you a box if you dont ask for one,you can go over to the boutique and ask.
    Congrats on the Neverfull !!
  5. When I purchased my Neverfull they gave me a box. It was the regular one, not the one that they have to assemble. It doesn't fit in it though.. they had to fold it. Now I just keep it stuffed in the dust bag in my closet.
  6. you need to call or pass by to get one. makes storage easier.
  7. I didn't get a box with mine. The SA asked if it was a gift when she was about to wrap it up and I said no. It came out in a dust bag and the shopping bag so I guess some SAs only give out boxes if it's a gift?
  8. ^^
    Sounds like the SA was just lazy! Instead of asking if the purse is a gift, the SA should just ask "Would you like a box with your purchase?" Not everyone wants a box.

    My SA always gives me a box for purses - usually the large boxes that collapse.... but I usually don't do anything with them. I would prefer the hard boxes because then I can use them to store other things around my house.
  9. No, I bought the Neverfull GM when it first came out and I received the bag stuffed and put into a Louis Vuitton gift box and tied with a ribbon. I NEVER accept it just thrown into a dustbag and put into a shopping bag, even if it's a cheaper bag like the Neverfull.
  10. love the modeling pics please...:graucho: i expect box for my purchase too..:okay:
  11. I am new to the forum so first of all, I would just like to say "hello" to everyone. Anywho, based on my experience, I have to ALWAYS ask my SA to give me a box to store my purchase in. Otherwise, they'll just put it in the felt and throw it in the shopping bag.
  12. Come to think of it, I didn't receive a box also. ^^Welcome LVKeepallfan!
  13. Yeah, customers usually have to ask. I recommend everyone does when making a purchase. It makes storage easier. :upsidedown:
  14. hey.. if i go back and ask for a storage box. would they give ?
  15. I bought mine from Saks and received no box (GM). I know that on large bags you need to request a box for the most part.