Neverfull sold on on Elux!

  1. Over the past two week, I just bought the mini noe, batingnolles horizontal, papillion 26, and popincourt haut :wtf: from eluxury. Now I want the neverfull gm (the middle size) and beverly in the smallest size & can't find them on elux again! Does this happen often? When does elux get their stock updated?
  2. You just have to keep an eye out- some folks think they update at midnight!
  3. Yeah you just have to keep checking, especially for newer more popualar items as they fly out as soon as they come in. You need to be fairly dedicated to checking the website, since neither bag is a LE you will eventually have no problem getting them.
  4. Elux updates their stock between midnight and 2am my time (Alaska time- 1 hour behind Pacific time)

    this is how I scooped up the elusive Azur 30 back in late March.

    You need to be like a :ninja: when it comes to items that are H-O-T.

    but I'll add...... Elux is not nearly as fierce as Bluefly with Balenciaga bags---- so your chances IMO are pretty good if you just keep a daily tab
  5. the nevervull GM is the largest.
    check in the late hours of the night then tend to pop up then.
  6. Definately wait up late, they tend to restock at night.
  7. They are constatnly restocking. Just check in often.
  8. Check late at night, there's always loads of different items then! And wowza that's a lot of handbags in 2 weeks! Congrats on all of your purchases!
  9. The middle size of the Neverfull is the MM... keep checking, or call 866 I bet there are loads in the boutiques.
  10. thanks everyone for your help :tup:

    I just noticed I made a mistake on the title of my post - I meant to write Neverfull sold OUT on Elux.:confused1:
  11. Congrats on all your new purchases... Good luck if you keep checking I am sure you will find the Neverfull.
  12. I'm not surprised that the bag sold out this quickly...
  13. It's back on exluxury.