Neverfull soaked in the rain...

  1. Just watchin Los Angeles's raining hard here tonight & they just showed a lady walking through a foot high of water in her "designer clothes" ( the anchor lady quoted) as she was also carrying a NEVERFUL GM that was also being soaked in the rain. A cop saw her and decided to pick her up and carry her through the rain. lol.

    Just had to share. I felt bad for her Neverful!!!!!!

  2. :sad::crybaby::push:
  3. That's what I'm afraid will happen to MY Neverful GM, so I'll probably have to keep myself from taking it to school while this pouring rain goes on. It was already pouring today, but thankfully I didn't have to walk anywhere too far.
  4. ooh, that sux. yeah it's been "pouring" here for the past few hours (Southern California definition of "pouring" = a bit more than a slight drizzle. *Nothing* compared to rain on East Coast or in Japan! lol). Am so glad i brought my black Coach soho flap to work instead of my Houston! the new vachetta woulda have been soaked walking to the car!
  5. What was she thinking?!?! Who the hell walks in LA anyway? :p
  6. lol poor neverfull but how nice of the cop. :tup:
  7. totally! her poor neverfull looked all soggy & helpless. lol
  8. Finally, the "Neverfull" turns into the "Sofull (with water)" :p
  9. I live in Northern California & got caught out in that bad storm with my Neverfull (totally flaked and forgot to change bags). Mine got pretty darn wet, dried beautifully and looks no worse for wear. :smile: Honestly, I wasn't worried since Vuitton's are far sturdier than people give them credit for.

    Years ago, my ex hubby dug out all of this china his mother never used and was 'saving' for special occasions. The glaze had cracked due to heat and they were ruined....never enjoyed. The experience turned me into one of those people who would rather use the good china/handbags and enjoy them while I can!
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  10. I agree! I got caught in pretty heavy rain with my speedy 25 last week and just left it on a chair when I got home. It dried up nicely and didn't leave any watermarks. :yes:
  11. oh that would suck! i've been lucky w/ rainy days and my LV's. poor woman.
  12. well said:tup: " when you worry and hurry through your day, its like an unopened gift thrown away. life isn't a race take it slower, hear the music before the song is over."
  13. How funny!! :tup: And how true!!! But since I knew that I'd have to walk from my office to my car in the parking lot (!), I actually brought a large tote to pack my new BH in - it was sunny this morning, but they forecasted rain. Boy was I glad I brought it! I dashed to the car with my new baby all wrapped up :yahoo:.

    I hope her poor Neverfull survives.... Sad :s
  14. poor lady! Neverfull will definitely survive, but good luck to her 'designer clothes' & shoes :nuts: It must be totally ruined :crybaby:
  15. omg - lol..