neverfull sizing?

  1. to neverfull owners...
    is the measuremet at eluxury are measured when the bag's loose or tight?

    like this one i think is the medium or MM
    ad it said it's 12.5 in wide,

    which position is it 12.5? lay flat or draw stringed?


    or this?
  2. help? :smile:
  3. that measurement has to be flat
    can you ring a store?
  4. BTW, is this Neverfull bag something that's worth buying, or should I go for Cabas Mezzo? :s
  5. thank u queenmab :smile:

    channeler, i happen to like the neverfull more than the cabas mezzo
  6. I would say draw-stringed is the 12.5, but now I'm not sure!
  7. 12.5 is drawstringed and when it's open approx. 18 inches wide at the top, 12.5 at the bottom (for the mm). Definitely a great everyday bag!
  8. freetoes, charmed05, thank u so much for the info!
    then i think it's a perfect bag for me :p
    because i would wear this back open and not drawstringed, if it's 12.5" open it's kinda too small for me LOL

    i'm so excited to get one soon :yes:
  9. Post pics when you get it. You will be surprised (not small at all)! I know you will love it.
  10. thanks charmed :p
    i am getting more excited now LOL
  11. ^^ are you getting the mono or did you end up w/ the murakami??

  12. i ended up getting the murakami on eBay :sad:
    but i think i would love this bag so much so i don't mind paying some extras amount.

    did u ended up getting the MM or GM?
  13. ^^ I got the MM, how about? the MM is still pretty big on me.

  14. i got the MM too but considering to get the GM :p
    can u post pics u carrying yours? i would wear the neverfull open not cinched.
    and i'm 5'4" 40 kgs, would the GM be too big for me?
    what do u think?

    i carried balenciaga i weekenders and chanel original cabas daily, this is how they look on me