neverfull side straps always end up sliding down

  1. Ive recently purchased a neverfull mm for work. however, i find that the side straps easily slide. Anyone have any soloutions on how to keep the straps in place? i dont mind the bag looking beach baggish, but i also like the style of the bag standing up with the sides folded in. soloutions please? i love this bag. :idea:?
  2. I'm eyeing the GM, so today while I was picking up my Miroir Lockit, I tried it on and asked about the straps sliding down (Huge concern for me!)... My SA said they just got a memo about it yesterday, and she showed me a way to tie them to prevent the sliding-- I don't know how to explain the knot, but it looked really good! I would recommed going into your boutique and asking if they can show you how to do it (if they know!!!) :smile:
  3. I gather you're tying them the "shoelace" way... you might have to try a different kind of knot. It is hard to explain but a knot that works is to bring both the straps together then tie it overhand as one knot, without separating the two straps to do it. It will secure your bag.

    You can also look up different types of knots and ties online for visuals.

    Oh I also thought of another kind of knot, it's almost like tying a tie. You can adjust one strap by tightening it but not sure if that is any stronger.
  4. tie them together
  5. I've seen somebody tie the 2 together to form a V
  6. i slide up each part of the tie.....instead of doing them together
    but the above are all good suggestions
    i never thought i'd be as in love with this bag as i am
    there's something about a fab designer bag, whether LV or anything else, that makes it that much better to own when you know it has been tested to hold weight in the 3 digits and you know you won't ruin it if you put your child, a halloween pumpkin, your groceries, or 3 other purses in it

    PS of course you may need a chiropractor :p but at least bag will be good........
  7. Tie them together is all I can think of!
  8. i'd tie them :smile:
  9. think any of you girls out there can post pictures? im not exactly sure how to tie them. i did today but it looks kinda bulky? i thnk im doing sumthing wrong :shame:
  10. ^^^ ita! i have no idea what u all mean! help!
  11. I was reading a thread about the BH's straps sliding, but I'm hoping since the Neverfull's are thinner that they stay up better.

    Thanks :heart:
  12. mine do not slide off at all, and i carry many things in mine!
  13. up the outer strap under the inner one and you wont have that problem :smile:
  14. I have the Neverfull PM. And the straps don't fall off my shoulder.
  15. I have the MM and I have not had a problem at all.