Neverfull side pulls...

  1. For those who own one, is there any way to prevent the side pulls from sliding down when you are using the bag? Unless it's almost empty, the weight of anything in it causes them to slide down and the bag to open up wider...has anyone else noticed this? Have you figured out what to do to stop it?

  2. Another member here knotted them. I don't remember who did that though. She even posted a pic of them knotted. I wish I could remember so I could find it for you.
  3. My SA actually told me that the pulls will eventually wear down with time, and to expect that. I think they have received alot of complaints about this...
    Hopefully, when they release this bag in the Damier Ebene pattern, the leather is a bit sturdier/stiffer, and the pulls won't wear out so fast.
  4. I love my Neverfull but I know what you mean-I sometimes take the little D Rings at the end of the straps and put them into the little hook that closes the bag-not brilliant but it works if you are in a crowd and want extra security!
  5. Someone wanted to cut them off, don't do that! :smile:
  6. I carry my Neverfull MM wide open, so the little sliders are already down at the bottom of the ties. I noticed that they never stay up and just gave up trying to make the bag look smaller. My SA suggested tying the ties, but I don't want to "bend" the leather, so I leave the bag wide open.

    And whoever wanted to cut the Neverfull ties, please don't do it!!!!
  7. here is who you're thinking about ...
    in this thread
  8. I was woundering the same thing with the pulls loosening.. I just got my MM and I decided to tighten the pulls and loop it around. It has been working for me. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392574521.376438.jpg

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  9. The damier ebene pulls are a lot thicker and sturdy than the monogram print. I noticed there stiff which is great

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  10. intresting