Neverfull-shoulder bag or handheld?

  1. I try to figure out if the Neverfull is going to be a shoulder bag or handheld bag, I am not sure after seeing the hope for a shoulder bag!:yes:

    does anybody know?
  2. They look like shoulder bags to me for sure. I am sooo wanting one of these. (Maybe two, when the Azur comes out!)
  3. I think PM will be hand, MM may be either and GM shoulder
  4. Thanks for your answers! I really wonder about the thin straps, I could imagine them for a shoulder bag, but if one would fill up a big bag (what must be expected with a name like Neverfull;) ) it would be really uncomfortable to held in the hand! Or not?:confused1:
  5. MM and GM will be shoulder and the pm handheld.
  6. i agree that the PM will be hand held and the MM/GM will be shoulder bags. i love them!
  7. i agree with everyone else that the PM will probably be handheld.
  8. agree w/above, this line reminds me the sizes of Saleya.
  9. If it's coming in Azur, it should come out this summer, right?
    Maybe this will be my first Azur piece!
  10. I want the MM in damier, craving for a damier shoulder bag right now!!!
  11. yeah that might be interesting in azur :yes:
  12. it;s a shoulder bag....looks like saleya...thinner and longer strap......
  13. I'm so excited to see this in Azur!
  14. :nuts: the neverfull is coming out in azur too?!?! i would love an azur neverfull!
  15. can u see how easy will be to add an extra strap to this bag???
    I'm so loving it !!!
    but I want it in damier!!!