Neverfull reversible?

  1. :nuts:
    how cute this is.. lolz.... :wlae:
  2. Whoa! What a great idea!
  3. I'd be scared to be caught up in the rain with the bag reversed like that! :p
  4. you some smart cookie!!! looks super cute!!! is that the PM?
  5. great idea! looks awesome!
  6. Cute :smile: is that a mm ?
  7. MM :smile:
  8. Cute! Looks really pretty. It's from a TPFer's blog. She says that the pocket does flap around though!
  9. Yupp.. Her Blog Address Should Be On The Pix Of The Bag.. So Check Out Her Website.. Fun Fun To Read.
  10. that is actutally really cute!! thanks for sharing!
  11. Really cute!
  12. Geez I sure want that bag!
  13. LOL how cute!!! is that even recommended though?
  14. It's cute. 2 bags in one!
  15. I'd be afraid of getting the lining messed up or something. It's a cute idea though!