Feb 13, 2007
East Coast
I was just looking through the Neverfull club thread, just looking for pictures and I came across a picture of it inside out. I know you can wear it inside out, but does anyone here actually wear it inside out?

I read that the side toggles don't really stay secure, is it just more of a decoration then?

Does anyone have a good picture of the Neverfull that is patina-d?

Are the straps comfy with heavy things in there?

And lastly, Does the sag bother you?


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Dec 31, 2005
I find the straps to be okay, not really comfy, but at the same time, doesn't bother me. And I put alot of things in there. Everything tends to be heavy, wallet, cosmetic pouch, coins, phone, etc.
I don't mind the sag as I think that's the look of the bag. I also love how it's really roomy for me just to stuff my kids jackets, scarfs, hats, etc in.
I love my Neverfull. Not exactly the height of fashion, but very practical.


Dec 1, 2006
Sunny SD
I don't think anyone really wears it inside-out, looks a little weird to me. I've tried reverse it but it's a lot of work! And yes, the cinches stay in place for me just as long as you pull it up all the way to the top. The straps can get a little uncomfy when you hit that "heavy" mark! The sag does not bother me one bit! Hope this helps!



Nov 22, 2006
No - I never wear the Neverfull MM inside out. The leather sliders do no stay up well, so I solved the problem by using a luggage tag clip and a LV keychain to secure the metal d-rings on both sides of the bag when I want my Neverfull to look more narrow. The leather sliders seem to be tight at first, but they do loosen up, so that's why I use the keychains to clip my d-rings on the Neverfull.

The thin straps don't bother me, and I hate sag, so I was using cardboard as a base inside of the Neverfull, but I recently bought a Neverfull MM shaper and a Speedy 30 shaper on ebay to replace the cardboard in both of my purses. It's just a rectangular hard piece of solid material that prevents the Neverfull/Speedy from sagging. I highly recommend putting something in the Neverfull and speedy to prevent them from sagging.

I bought a Moca Murakami Neverfull MM recently, so the patina is really new. I sold my Mono Neverfull MM to a co-worker but the patina was not that dark. The Neverfulls came out earlier this year, so I don't think you'll find a Neverfull pic that has really dark patina.

But, I highly recommend the Neverfull MM!! It's a great bag!!!! I can't wait for the Damier Neverfull to come out next year (who knows when!?).
Jun 28, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I love my neverfull MM as well. The straps are fine to me. I have carried a lot in it at one time and it held up. I use charms to clip the D rings. The pulls do stay in place but like peace43 said they do loosen up. No patina on mine yet I do not use her much lol. My mono pouchette just started getting patina and I have had it 3.5 yrs. I really baby my bags and I am trying not too.

Good luck!