Neverfull pros and cons?

  1. I'm just starting to love the Neverfull but I don't know exactly how to feel about it. I think I'm gonna hold out for a damier one in Sept/or Nov.? Anyway, it's a really nice bag but I'm unsure about a few things.

    Do you think it's a good winter bag too? It resembles a beach bag a little so is it only for summer?
    I know they say it can hold up to like 300 pounds but from your personal experience do you think it can hold a good amout without feeling like it's gonna break?

    So for everyone who has a Neverfull, post your personal pros and cons about the bag. I think a lot of people don't really know what to think of this bag yet so hopefully this will help.
  2. I think it would be great bag for any season. More so the damier for winter as all the damier line is perfect worry free.
  3. i had some doubts in the beginning but don't anymore...its an amazing bag....holds a ton and is still light...........i am thin and it doesnt hurt my shoulders at all............i like it better than some of my Chanels
  4. I saw the bag IRL today & I think the azur Neverfull PM will be my 1st piece of azur & will be a great travel bag for next summer.
  5. I not LOVING the Neverfull in Mono but I was thinking today I may get a PM in Damier ebene...will make a very nice worry-free tote.
  6. I will definately be getting the Damier Neverfull MM this November!
  7. MM size is great! Straps are fine. Put a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the MM to make it stiffer otherwise, it will look saggy (like a Speedy).

    The leather sliders on the leather strings tend not to stay up as well and fall down a little bit but I tend to use the bag more as a tote (wide open) vs. as a purse (cinched in look).

    I already have a Hampstead so I thought if I waited for the ebene Damier Neverfull, that both purses would look to similar.

    Great bag, cute lining, and great price!!
  8. Took a look at it at the store this past Friday. The straps are thin and the whole bag just feels flimsy. Wasn't lovin' it. So I opt out...but maybe when it comes in Damier I'll change my mind.
  9. I'm intrigued but need to check it out IRL first. While I'm slowly loosening up and getting into open top bags, they aren't real practical around here with bad weather or for me with business travel. Still, it's a great price!!
  10. I completely agree. I love casual bags but this one didn't do it for me. It may hold alot but it looked flimsy to me,too.
  11. I don't like the open top. :tdown:
  12. for me and what i need it for use...

    pro: good price, different sizes to choose from, i especially like the gm.

    con: no zipper!
  13. I took my neverful mm on a weekend trip with the whole family this weekend. I don't like open top bags either but I put my wallet, cles, and phone in the accesories pochette and clipped it to the hook on the inside. It was great because it was light and fit on my shoulder without falling off and I could shove the kids jackets and hats and toys in quickly. When we walked around shopping I put our purchases in too! It's a great everyday or shopping bag and the price is great too. LOVE IT!:heart:
  14. I decided not to get one because I just don't like the open top. I tried one on in the store and it kinda reminded me of a beach bag. I may change my mind when it comes out in damier.
  15. I already have a BV so I passed on the Mono...HOWEVER I *may* get it in Damier instead of the Hampstead. We'll see when it comes out (the Hampstead was quite far down my list anyhow)