Neverfull Pouch

  1. Hello everyone,

    Is the neverfull pouch sold individually at the store?
  2. No. It's a special order for a replacement part. If you have the bag, just ask an SA to order it and they will at a cost. If you don't have the bag they won't just order it/sell it to u.
    If you have a good relationship with and SA they may order it for u as a courtesy.
  3. No, it's sold as a replacement part and it's fairly costly as well so, when you stop and consider what you'd actually be getting, most people just choose to spend a little extra and get the far more spacious and versatile Pochette Accessories instead.
  4. Fashionphile has some for sell preloved...they look practically brand new.
  5. I see the sometimes on reseller sites. I bought my mono one at Yoogis and saw a DE one for sale today.....
  6. How much do these normally cost? Either pre-loved or as a "repair" piece?
  7. Repair piece is $300 for the pouch and $90 for the strap
  8. Thank you!
  9. $380 plus tax in Canada and I think $115 for the strap.
  10. When buying it pre-loved, what do you guys think is a good price for a fairly new one? Seems like most are in like new condition but the prices vary so much...thanks!
  11. On average most of the ones I've seen are in the $300 range, I've never really seen any lower than that. Also, I've seen many of the rose ballerine interior pouches going for $400+.
  12. Oh I didn't know that RB sells for more...thank you! I just purchased one and just wanted to make sure I didn't overpay.