Neverfull Pochette date code question

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  1. I purchased a neverfull earlier this year and decided to sell the pochette. Well, I had second thoughts and decided to reorder it as a replacement. So I picked it up today and didn’t look at the date code until I got home. The date code is DK2197 and it says made in France on the inside. What I found online is the DK means relined items. What does this mean? And also, why is it so old from 2017? Thank in advance.
  2. Well, I asked my SA and she said it could have possibly been in a color that they no longer carry so that may be why it was relined, which does make sense. The current color is beige and it's not the same bag in my picture. But even if I was ok with it being relined, would a date code of over two years old bother anyone? I bought my neverfull I think June of this year. Hoping to get some opinions so it helps me make my decision whether I want to exchange it or not. Thanks
  3. If it’s in good condition it wouldn’t bother me plus MIF ..
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  4. It personally wouldn’t bother me, but if it bothers you, simply exchange it
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  5. the way they fill replacement orders is different... they can’t give you one from a NF and break up a set... they probably don’t get as many people ordering replacements so the stock is probably older
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  6. Thank you for your responses, I appreciate it. That actually makes me feel better. I may be leaning toward just keeping it because it is in perfect shape and made if france like you said and I'm not planning on selling again. Thanks again.
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  7. Perfect shape... MIF... jackpot!! Lol enjoy!
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  8. And if you do decide you want to sell just sell them separately as many people do.
  9. Yes that’s what I would do.
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