Neverfull PM - what do you think?

  1. Does anyone have this bag? I saw it today for the first time on eLuxury and I really like it but I am wondering about the size....any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. I really want one, I think, but I really do need to see it IRL.
    I think some ladies have posted pics of themselves modelling the bag.
  3. yup there are modeling pics around and this bag is starting to grow on me :smile:.
  4. I think it is a really cute bag. If I did not already have a BH I would have bought it.
  5. Do you girls know how I can easily find them? I'm a Gucci girl so not too familiar with this group! BUT not for long!!!
  6. Not sure if I've said this to you before - but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection!:tup:and your dog!! Thanks for your input.
  7. got myself thinking of this bag too..but still not sure if this bag is comfy enough...i wanna buy this bag for travelling since I have the keepal bag as you think its too LVish using both at the same time?
  8. I don't have this bag, but I think while it is super cute, it is on the small side.
  9. I have this bag and I love it!!! Its just the perfect size and doesnt require a lot of maintenance since there is minimal vachetta. People always stare at it. Its lovely :heart:
  10. Cute but if I was going to go with a Neverfull, I'd get the MM since it's a little larger.
  11. I'm 5'1 and this would be the perfect size for me! When it first came out, I thought I wasn't gonna want it until I started seeing pictures pop up here on tpf. :amuse:

  12. Thank you very much
  13. I saw the Neverfull today at the boutique and it looks like a great everyday bag. There are three sizes to choose from and they all have a lot of room to carry stuff. I'm sure it's easy to find in all boutiques, they had tons of them in Toronto:tup:
  14. I'm not a fan of the bag. :s
  15. It's a great casual bag, I am 5'2, I got the Neverfull MM and it's the perfect size for me. Yeah, people stare at this bag more than my other LVs because it's the newer model