Neverfull PM or Speedy 25?

  1. I have been trying to decide since summer which I want.
    I am not a *big* bag person.. the bag I carry most is my monogram pouch.
    Lately though I do find myself wishing I had something a bit bigger.. that I could fit my pouch inside when needed.

    If you own either bag can you tell me what you think?
    I worry about the Speedy being so common and knocked off.. it's bad enough my friends assume my pouch is fake until I explain to them I would never support that industry let alone carry one! LOL

    Anyhow.. suggestions?
  2. i have a cerises speedy and a neverfull mm. out of the two, i use the neverfull the most. in fact, i hardly use my other bags these days because i :heart: my neverfull that much. i think it all depends on what you want to use it for.

    for me, the mm for me is the perfect size (but i see you're looking at getting the pm). i can just chuck anything in there when need be. it's great for everyday use. i love my speedies, but my 25 is a little restrictive and much prefer using my 30.

    hope that helped somewhat!

    edit...errr, i hope i made it obvious that my vote is for the neverfull :rolleyes:
  3. you are looking for a summer bag... I prefer neverfull... soooooo rommmyyy and easy to use.I have speedy 30 and neverfull mm... I used my neverfull most couse so easy. my best shopping friend. you can get and put the stuff inside the bag quicly and easly. so my vote is for the neverfull..
  4. First why do you care what others think? If you're buying the bag for you and because you like it why does it matter what others think?

    I would say the neverfull pm is a nice change to the speedy. easier to carry, easier to get into, will hold more. and if you're tiny it will go over your shoulder. ( here are two members modeling the pm)

    Speedy, nice because it has the zipper.

    model2.jpg IMAGE_033.jpg
  5. Neverfull is better
  6. Neverfull PM-- Speedys are getting way too common. But always get whatever you want. thats what matters
  7. my mom has the speedy 25 (but i took it over..teehee) and i have the neverfull pm. i love them both to death. if i had to pick one only, i would pick the speedy. but thats only if i had to. LOL
  8. I would say go for the Speedy 25. It's a classic and looks adorable. Having a zipper on the top is a huge deal for me.
  9. It depends if you want a shoulder bag or hand held bag. I think Neverfull will be more convenient to use but for me I will pick Speedy.
  10. I have a speedy and neverfull, and I would rather get the speedy 25, and if you feel like the speedy is getting too small, then I'd get the neverfull MM. The neverfull is so cute, but for small bags, I like to hold it in my hand. When you try them on at the store, I think you will know which one you want more.
  11. Thanks guy's .. I should clarify I don't care what other people think as another poster mentioned, rather I just only have the budget to buy one bag for now and the other will have to wait.. therefore I was trying to decide which bag would suit my needs best.. and its great to hear from other people who own them!

    My mother has a Speedy 30 in Damier Azure and I think its too big? it looks all droopy and that really does not appeal to my nit picky perfectionistic ways. LOL

    I do love the Neverfull... but the open top does annoy me a bit, however I was thinking a scarf could conceal some of the contents and I plan to use my pouchette and a wallet inside for "small things"

    Now I guess I just need to decide which size.. I was reading some other threads and saw many people prefer the MM over the PM.

    I :heart: this forum I wish I found it sooner!
  12. Speedy!! Don't worry what others think...the speedy is an icon. It's a great bag....I have 4 and love them all!
  13. The Neverfull PM is actually larger than the Speedy 25. The PM is closer in proportion to the Speedy 30.
  14. I agree. Choose a bag that you will use time & time again, one that will suit your needs & convenience. Doesn't matter if it's common because it just means you chose an excellent classic bag! Plus, I'm sure you will make it your own when you use it, as the vachettas will patina over time (each one is different I heard) & you might add accessories to it to make it stand out (check out "Pics of Your LV in Action" & "The Speedy Gonzales Club" for ideas if you'd like).

    I think it comes down to how much stuff you'd like to put in your bag, how you'd like to carry your bag (comfortably on shoulder, arm, or by hand), how versatile you'd like your bag to be (ie. everyday, night-out, work, etc) & how it looks on you when carried (ie. some bags look "bulkier" or "smaller").

    I personally prefer the speedy, just because I don't carry too much around - all I really need is my sunglasses, cell phone, wallet, a water bottle (during the summer), hand lotion, a pen & a small make-up pouch.

    I have a Burberry bag that's a little bigger than the Neverfull & I can honestly say I only bring it out when I go shopping. It's handy to be able to put your small/medium purchases in the bag & not have to carry them around all day :tup: Otherwise, I use my smaller handbags.
  15. Well this is it! I mean currently my bag of choice is the Pouchette! LOL
    I carry it on my arm and I think it fits nicely and looks ok, I am petite.
    The only thing that I am not in love with about the Speedy is the fact you cannot carry it on your shoulder! I truly am a shoulder/clutch kind of girl.

    That said.. I have kids.. so I do find sometimes I would like something else to carry the stuff I need on quick outings other than my Fleurville.. I am sick of it!