Neverfull PM or Speedy 25?

  1. So I LOVE my Damier Speedy 25. But I'm really lusting for a roomy monogram bag. Should I go with what I love, the Speedy 25 in monogram, or should I go with the Neverfull PM? I turned in my notice at Coach, so this is probably going to be my last bag purchase for a while!:crybaby:

    Are the thin straps on the neverfull uncomfortable to carry? Will it hold as much as the Speedy 25? Pics and advice much appreciated, ladies! TIA! :flowers: :heart:
  2. bump, bump.... nobody...??
  3. Since you love your speedy so much I would get another speedy.
  4. both are great bags but I would go for the speedy!
  5. I would also go with the speedy!
  6. both bags are great. which would work better with your life style shoulder bag or hand held?
  7. The Neverfull PM holds more than the Speedy 25. As for the straps being uncomforable, I think it depends on the person. Some of the Neverfull owners here have carried theirs on their shoulders with no trouble. Some say the straps dig their shoulders. The straps didn't dig into my shoulder, but one of the straps kept rubbing a bony protrusion on my shoulder blade. It was bugging me a bit, so I have been alternating between shoulder and hand carry.
  8. I've always been a shoulder bag girl till I got my Speedy. Now I can go either way :shame:
  9. I love the Speedy 25.
  10. Since you have a speedy already maybe you should get the neverfull. I have a neverfull mm & I put tons of junk in it while I was on vacation & the thin straps didn't dig into my shoulder at all. It was very comfy.
  11. Neverfull pm is more the size of a speedy 30.
    Also depending on how tiny you are, you're able to use the neverfull as a shoulder bag:tup:

    I say the never full!
  12. Speedy! I'm now used to handheld bags! :smile: Let us know what you decide!!
  13. I say speedy unless you get the neverfull in the MM because since the PM is so small and not as deep as as the MM I would be afraid somone can just stick there hand in my bag and take somthing. I don't really like the smaller bags with no zip.
  14. neverfull!
  15. What's the drop length on the straps, do you know?