Neverfull PM or MM

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  1. Hi all,

    I am very new to LV, just received my first piece, Pochette in DE, for Christmas. Now I am going to be getting a Mono NF and am so torn about the size. I am 5'2" 105. The PM size does suit me but I'm hesitant to go with it as I'm not sure if I would regret not getting the MM which would afford me more flexibility as a travel, work tote or every day bag. I have tried both sizes on and it didn't seem to make my choice any easier.
    I'm curious if any of you have purchased the PM only to realize the MM would have been a better option. Especially where there is such a minimal price difference. Thanks for your help.
  2. Yes I did.. I bought the pm and sold it to buy the mm size. The strap drop is so short it bothered me. The MM is definitely better for travelling and you can cinch in the sides if you want it to look smaller :smile:
  3. I am not tall but the NF PM is too small for me ; MM is the perfect size for me.
  4. I thought the same thing to. It was right under my arm pit. Do you happen to have a modeling pic of you with your mm? Thanks
  5. I thought the same thing to. It was right under my arm pit. Do you happen to have a modeling pic of you with your mm? Thanks
  6. I think MM is the most practical bag... PM doesn't look like a shoulder bag at all..
  7. I am 5'3 and went with the PM. I used it for a week in Hawaii and two weeks in Louisiana as my everyday bag. Both times I used it as a carry on, as well.

    I would buy this size and just cinch the sides if you're feeling like it could be large for everyday use.
  8. I'm also 5'2". The MM is perfect for me. I even considered the GM but that was too big.
  9. I meant to say MM!
  10. I'm 5'5 and 107- I have the Neverfull MM! I think the PM is just too small personally. And bigger bags look silly on me, but I don't think the MM is too big :smile: Like others say, you can always cinch in the sides on the MM and make it look smaller too. If you cinch in the sides on the PM it won't fit anything in my opinion! I think you'll be much happier with the MM.
  11. I'm 5'0 and 100 and have the mm. I'm a sucker for small bags and almost always go the smallest size available in any given style however the neverfull pm just looks a bit ridiculous to me... Love my mm.

  12. Here you go ️ sorry about the glare behind me, I took a photo of the bag cinched as well ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462229494.868569.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462229508.926113.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462229528.452480.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462229554.547121.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462229570.039072.jpg
  13. I don't care for the PM size at all. I have an MM and I think it's perfect. I'm 5'2" and 115 pounds.
  14. I want to thank all of you for your responses. You have pretty much confirmed my thoughts about the MM. Although the PM is adorable, I just don't see it functioning in the way I would like, which would be as an everyday bag but able to accommodate my work items and be suitable for travel as well.
    This is to be my Mother's Day present so I wanted to be sure.
    Thank you all again so very much!!