Neverfull PM or Epi Petit Noe?

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  1. Hi, I just bought a Damier Speedy 30 six months ago. And, I'm itching to buy my second LV. I want to buy a neverfull pm in mono but then i saw a pre-owned epi petit noe in red with black handles. The noe was still in very good condition even if it's from the 1996 collection. Which do you think should I get? Would really appreciate your help...thanks!
  2. Hi angel_mom ! I would definitely go for a Epi Petit Noe, especially a bi-colour one :heart: I just got a Noe recently and I am so in love with it. There will always be a Neverfull waiting for you but this one could get away!!
  3. Epi Petit Noe! So pretty!
  4. Personally I prefer the NF :yes:
    I am not a great fan of the Noe,so maybe I am not a great help :biggrin:
  5. I prefer the NF
  6. I prefer the NF I love that bag
  7. petit noe because it was my first LV about 15-16 years ago, it was excatally like the one you described red with black handles (but i sold it a long time ago).
  8. I love Epi, but the Neverfull wins as I'm not a fan of the Bi-colour.
  9. I would choose the epi petit noe! I love epi, love the petit noe............:smile:
  10. I own a Neverfull PM in mono and love it.:love:
    Looks like a hard choice, good luck with the decision ;)
  11. Epi Petit Noe for sure :tup:.
  12. I would go for the Petit Noe, especially if it's bicolor!!!!
  13. I like the neverfull MUCH better
  14. Noe, so unique!
  15. I prefer NF