Neverfull PM Mono mpractical?

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  1. I'm going to the boutique this weekend (yay!) I'm deciding between the Eva Azur or the Neverfull. But I have a "sub-dilemma" on the Neverfull, if this makes sense.

    My big question on the NF is this:

    I've been planning on buying the Neverfull PM in Mono first, then buying the NF Damier MM later. But lately I've been thinking why do I need the PM size? (Here's my heart talking: "Because I love it and it's sooo cute, and I can get away with the size and it fits everything I carry everyday! LOL")

    BUT....Would it be an impractical purchase? I thought about it as my alternate bag to the speedy because I do not carry much everyday.
    But I wanted to get the Damier MM because I travel a lot for business.

    Should I just skip the PM and just buy the Damier MM? I've always had a crush on the Mono PM but I don't want to have too many bags.

    Please help me decide. TIA!
  2. It all really depends on you. If you like it and think it's cute, then why not? go for it!

    but if you're asking for *my* opinion, i prefer the damier ebene more than mono, and MM is more roomy than PM. So i'd just skip the mono PM and get damier MM
  3. ^ita

  4. I totally agree! The Damier MM is gorgeous! The only size the Mono looks good in is the GM size.
  5. I think mm is better size than pm. I also like it in damier more than mono! (maybe it's the red interior lol)
  6. I prefer the look of the mm. The pm is cute, but it is too small.
  7. I have the damier PM and I use it as my everyday bag...simply because it fits everything i need to carry. I think you should get the PM if you really like it and think that you want a small bag to carry the essentials. It sounds to me that you have different uses for both the sizes (PM for everyday and MM for travelling). To me that's a good reason to get both.
  8. CEC, Mibrahi, Sophiae, PrincessD, Haven - thanks!
    HJA...glad to hear from a PM user! And thanks for the enable :biggrin:
    Any more PM users out there?
  9. i prefer size MM!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  10. I would stick to your original plan! Get the pm now and the mm later!
  11. I have the PM in Damier ebene and I love it! I think it all depends on how much you carry in your bag. The only downside is that the PM is hard to put over coats but is super cute! Good luck!
  12. I love my MM, so a year ago I bought the PM because I thought it was so cute, and it would make a great everyday bag. I had it a month, then sold it, and took a huge loss on it. I never felt as comfortable as I thought I would, with my stuff in it. It's sort of shallow, and I felt very insecure with my wallet in it. I would get the MM. I never feel like that with my MM because even though it's open, it's deep enough. Hope that helps. Good luck.
  13. I would get the MM first.
  14. I do prefer the MM size to the PM one; I have mono NF MM and it's perfect because it's not too small and not too big, plus if you have many things to carry it fits them all and if you don't, it's so roomy that you can find things easily!It's my everyday bag, I use it a lot, especially when I go to lessons and I need to carry a lot of stuff.
    I saw yesterday a NF PM and to me it's too small.
    I agree with the girls ^^^ for what concerns the damier pattern...I love it and I prefer it to the mono one (when I got mine there was no other choice)!
  15. Wow im in the same boat as you. Im going for a NF soon and im so confused as to whether I want to get the Mono or Azur. Also I love the size and cuteness of the PM (ive seen it in person) but im not sure how practical it is. It also looks like things could fall out becuase it is not a deep bag.

    Im going to try on the pm and mm in the store to make my final choice.