Neverfull PM - can you wear it on your shoulder?

  1. Can anyone tell me if you can wear the Neverfull PM on your shoulder or is it hand held only. I don't have time to hit down to the boutique. Thanks.
  2. Yes, you can wear it on your shoulder.
  3. It fits on my shoulder, but would only work for me during the summer. I don't see myself carrying this bag on my shoulder with a winter coat on...and with stuff could get a tad bulky under the arm.
  4. definitely fits :] super cute too, i might add...
  5. Thanks guys! Can't wait to head down to NYC to pick one up. With our Canadian $$ at par, it's going to be a definite bonus. 575.00 + 8.5% tax US or 620.00 CDN plus 15% tax.
  6. Oh, can you also tell me approx. how many inches is the strap drop?
  7. Yes, you can.
  8. yes, definitely!!
    I like the fact that it can be shoulder and hand carry ... and it looks cute either way!!

    But I must qualify here that I am a tiny size asian gal ... just 5ft2 and barely 50kg!!!! I am not sure if it will look weird if it is shoulder carried by tall gals
  9. oh wow i must be chunky compared to the rest of you gals. i tried on the neverfull pm on my shoulder and it was up in my armpit's business a little bit.

    very cute bag though :smile:
  10. Have a great time down in NYC! With the CDN $ being where it is, I was wondering about doing the same and going down south of the border before November -- if it lasts that long. but with our Banff meet & PSN at HR coming up....what to do what to do!
  11. if you're tiny...
    100_0607 pm.jpg IMAGE_033.jpg neverfull pm 002.jpg
  12. i can
  13. I looks good on shoulders.
  14. Hey, we are both the same size and asian as well.

    Bag Fetish: Thanks for posting the pics for me.

    I will definitely pick up one of these beauties. Will post some pics when I get back.

    Thank for all your help ladies!