neverfull owners

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  1. hello! do any of you know if a pursket will fit in a gm?? i am wondering if it will go all around or is the gm too large? thanks!
    oh, and anyone make a thingy for their purse to put on the bottom. a base so it doesn't sag much? i am wondering if i should just order one from eBay or try and make my own out of cardboard.
  2. I think they make different size purskets and you can get a large one. I'm not sure how large the large is though.
  3. i don't use purskets so i ca't help u, sorry :p
    i like my GM neverfull sag LOL
  4. ya, the sag doesn't bother me so much, just wanted to know my options. :biggrin: i mostly have diapers in it right now anyhow :heart:
  5. you'll need a large and even then Its only going to cover 3 sides... two long and one short..
  6. 36" long
    15.6"x 12.8"x 7.9" neverfull.
  7. thanks bag fetish!
  8. ^^ any time.