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  1. My friend is looking for a new backpack for school, and the neverfull was one of her options.
    Do the straps dig into your shoulder when there is a lot of books and stuff in it?
  2. I have a Neverfull MM & used mine all summer with a bunch of stuff in it which made it heavy. I also have used it as a work bag & put a small laptop & papers/files in it. It never dug into my shoulders, but I know I've heard some people say it dug into theirs. But for me, it didn't big into my shoulder at was comfy!!
  3. I think it depends on how much stuff and how bony your shoulders are. I had trouble with the strap rubbing a bony protrusion on my should blade. It was getting uncomfortable. I carry my Neverfull on my arm mostly.
  4. I use it for school and I carry textbooks and everything in it and I'm not going to lie sometimes it is a bit uncomfortable but that's only because the weight of my books would be uncomfortable in any bag! But with a normal amount of stuff in it it is relatively comfortable I would say. Make sure she gets a base on ebay or something because I have the GM and it sags unbelieveably which may be cute for a speedy but not for the neverfull! Hope I helped! It's a greaat bag!
  5. i'm a person who lugs everything in my i guess this one's tailored for my needs. it's not assuming, nothing fancy..just as sturdy as LV should be. :smile:
  6. I have the GM that I use for my laptop back and forth to work. My sweet hubby carries it for me and he says it hurts his hands because of the weight. The very few times that I have to carry it myself, I do find that it's not very comfortable on the shoulders either. So I think for books, your friend might be better off with a backpack with padded shoulder supports, unless of course he/she does not carry too many books, then it wouldn't be too bad.
  7. sooo comfortable. after my speedy its my favorite.
  8. I just bought the MM and mostly I have been wearing it over my winter coat so I don't really notice the weight. I carry a lot of stuff in it too.
  9. nope it is very comfortable!
  10. Same here. I just got mine not that long ago though (the MM from MOCA) and I've put notebooks and a textbook in mine and it's perfect.
  11. thanks for all your reviews!
  12. yes, for me it dug into my shoulder and started to hurt and left red marks..
  13. I love mine but I wouldn't use it for heavy things
  14. Honestly it hurts my shoulders, but to avoid the pain i have to constantly switch the bag from one shoulder to the other.
  15. erm erm i have one and i gotta admit it hurts my shoulder sometimes.. leaving some red marks.. my shoulders kinda get really tired after that too :sad: