neverfull Owners-Do you Use This Bag for

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  1. Running in and out of the Grocery Store, Post Office, errands like that? Would the MM be too cumbersome for that?:confused1: Just wondering what/how exactly everyone is using theirs. Thanks
  2. I use my damier mm everytime, everywhere! :yahoo: Grocery, malls, church, pta meetings, etc. Its absolutely lightweight, can hold a lot and since its in damier, i dont really have to be careful with it. I'm sooo lovin' it! :party:
  3. I use my mono GM for travelling, an ideal on-board bag.
  4. My Mono MM does it all. Goes to work, goes on errands, goes out to play! Great bag!
  5. A gym bag for me:yes:n mine is a GM:P
  6. I love my pm...use it as an everyday day tote!!!
    she's so light weight...just throw her on and off i go....everywhere actually.
    I can fit everything i need inside and have room for some student files....
    this bag is perfect and classic!!!:heart::yes::heart: Love it!!!!
  7. I definitley use my GM for that! But in my personal opinon I would go with the GM instead of the MM, The MM is just not big enough!!!
  8. My GM is an everyday bag for me.... Also great for trips!
  9. I think the mm would be the perfect size. I think without looking its the same size as the BH and that is a nice size.
  10. usually for weekend errands i would grab my neverfull mm -- so easy to just throw in stuff and run. very useful esp when im in a hurry!
  11. I use my MM everywhere. It is just comfortable to use and its very light.
  12. same here...use my moca MM just about anywhere i feel ..
  13. MM is the perfect size as an everyday bag for me. It holds everything I need and its great for running errands as well. Love it!
  14. I use my mono GM for everything and everywhere. Extremely light and versatile. I personally think that the GM size is just right for everyday, especially for shopping and carrying around my hoodie.
  15. I have a Mono MM and I use it for work, shopping and traveling. It's an amazing bag.