Neverfull or used Multicolor bag?

  1. Im saving for a new bag but I dunno what I want. My hubby wont let me spent 2000 dollars on a new mc speedy so i was thinking of getting a used one or a new neverfull in monogram. I already have a mono speedy and a mono pochette. What do you guys think??
  2. Since you already have mono bags, I'd get a gently used MC speedy. I would think the open top on the neverfull would be too easy to lose your stuff.
  3. i think the mc would be a great choice seeing that it's such an eyecatching bag. if you can find a great deal, go for the mc!
  4. I would go with the MC.
  5. Another vote for MC.
  6. MC speedy!
  7. yay! thats what i was thinking. I saw one on let-trade for 959 but i want a black one so i will wait until one turns up.
  8. Sounds like you need some MC in your life! ;)
  9. MC vote here as well!
  10. yay you guys seriously solved my dilemma! well guess thats what imma get for my bday hee hee
  11. I would be on the hunt for that elusive MC speedy- I just recently saw one go for a little over 1000 bucks and the vaschetta was very even but developed, very nice!
  12. I would get the Neverfull. You need a shoulder tote, and I'm not a fan of MC.
  13. go for the speedy, the bag is totally worth it. I have it in black and white, LOVE IT.
  14. I will go for MC but in different style, since you have a speedy already, also I think the MC speedy is quite heavy (at least for me it is~).
  15. MC Speedy!