Neverfull or Totally? Which to choose?


Oct 21, 2006
So my fiancé said he will buy me a new LV bag, and we are trying to keep the price to $1,000. Which do you guys like better? Neverfull or totally and why? Te concerns I have about Neverfull is that it's too much of an easy access (for others). And the totally, people are saying it might look like a diaper bag althought I want the smallest size. Please help me with your opinions. Thanks! :smile:
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H & LV Mommy
Oct 29, 2005
I have both but I have mono totally mm and de & da nf gm... Sizes are different than the one you wanna get. In terms of style, totally is the comfiest lv I've owned, it sits on your shoulder, comfy under your arm and doesn't get in the way. Alot of times my nf gms gets in the way when i'm shopping bcoz of the width... The straps on totally is much comfier than nf, the width and the strap drop is great.
Have fun choosing & shopping! :smile:
Oct 31, 2010
I won't be much help, I like both. :smile:

The Neverfull seems more casual to me. The Totally is a bit more structured.

I wouldn't worry about other people thinking the Totally looks like a diaper bag. Other people dislike the Neverfull, too. They say it's too common, too unstructured. Other people don't like canvas bags because they think they look cheap. Other people don't like LV at all because they think people who carry LV are snobby. Other people...don't worry about the other people! You can't please them. :smile:

Either bag would make a great, everyday handbag to carry.

There is a big zippered pocket inside the NF where you can put your wallet, keys, etc. Safer. Or you could get a bag organizer that zips to put in the NF.

I LOVE my NF. But I live a very, very casual lifestyle, so it is a good fit for me.

But I would not turn down a Totally if someone gifted me with one. It's a really nice bag!


Jul 8, 2013
Just got the neo neverfull for Xmas, but haven't used it yet of course. It was comfy in the store, you can always cinch it up for safety. I do prefer zip top bags but have no love for the totally, can't get by the fact that it looks like a diaper bag, although would have been great when my kids were little.