Neverfull or Tivoli??

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  1. FINALLY saw the look book today(yup, TX's always late). Here's what I remembered so far:
    -Damier Sophie-450, HI, JP, SPAIN & GUAM!
    -Damier Neverfull release @ Nov.07 $525, 575, 635 (pm, mm, gm)
    -Damier w/RED TRUNK STAMP: mini pochette, agenda pm, zippy wallet?
    -Vernis Aramante shoulder bag, a bit similar to Beverly line w/Gold hardware.
    -MONO tivoli(sp?), reminds me of Mizzi

    So for those of you who've seen the look book, can tivoli pass as shoulder bag or handheld like the Manhattans/Saleyas? I will be moving out and purchase new car this summer, so can only pick either Neverfull or Tivoli. What's your recommendation?:drool:
  2. o m g! i want a damier sophie SOOOOOO bad. shoot, shoot, shoot! i'm kicking myself for not buying something when I was there last summer. :cursing:

    i havent seen the tivoli but the neverfull is gorgeous! i really like it
  3. Tivoli is more of a dome shape (enlarged cosmetic bag?) than trapozid like Neverfull, w/secure closure(unsure zip, flap or kiss lock, pix too small>"<) rather than open top like Neverfull. But the price is also more heafty, PM & GM only , PM starts mid 800s, but who knows what the actual price would be when it release?:shrugs:
  4. I'm curious to see pics of Damier w/ Red trunk stamp and Tivoli!
  5. Classic Chic: Thanks for the info. I am hoping to get the Damier Sophie and Damier Neverfull. Good to know how much i'll need to save and by when.

    Mello yello jen, love the new pic of your JRT!!
  6. oooh... i think i like the Damier (ebene?) with red Trunks&Bags print. sounds much better than the Mono with the beige T&B.
  7. I'd love to see the Tivoli...
  8. Classic Chic,
    thank's for the info....:P
    my SA told me there are going to be 2 new denim bags soon(regular blue and black),
    have you heard this from your SA too ?
  9. :heart:Damier Sophie:heart: It seems as if I would have to plan a trip to spain...
  10. NOOOOOOOOOO! classic chic you have crushed my dreams! lol. leeds store took my info for the sophie wait list but your sumary doesnt say UK.
  11. I want that neverfull in damier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i'm kind of thinking the same thing :yes:

    i wanna see the tivoli :nuts:
  13. Wait--Sophie will be released when again?
    End of November? Beginning of December?
  14. Me and my friend had a look at the lookbook a few wks back and she really liked the Tivoli, but we couldn't see the price.
    I'm sure I saw the pochette with the red trunks and bags logo but I could be confused!? I was trying to take everything in as quick as I could, but it didn't work. lol.
  15. Thanks for the info, Classic Chic!! More Damier to look forward to...:girlsigh: