Neverfull or Speedy in Azur for college

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  1. Would you recommend a Neverfull PM/MM or Speedy 30? Both bags are beautiful, but so difficult to make a decision! :loveeyes: I currently have a Speedy 25 and a Totally PM (in other prints), which are both perfect for my everyday, but am looking for a change. I'm more of a tote person, but I feel the Azur looks better as a Speedy? Also, would a Neverfull PM be too small?
  2. I'd go for the neverfull for college. It would be much easier to take your laptop and books with you to class, whereas the speedy 30 has a much smaller opening.
  3. Thanks :smile: That does sound more practical!
  4. I had the same dilemma when I was in college and I went for the NF MM. It's a great school bag because it can hold a lot and it's very durable. Good luck with your decision!
  5. Thanks :smile: Yup, I definitely have a lot to bring to college :sad:
  6. I'd pick the NF as well but in MM. Perfect for holding laptop, books, snacks etc. and it sounds like your collection would like to see a tote. :smile:
  7. Definitely neverfull since you'd be using it for school
  8. Thanks thatbagchick30 :smile: and Pebli :smile:
  9. I'd recommend the Neverfull for school / college. As much as I love my Speedy 30 for everyday / work .. It cannot fit everything I need for college. I have it with me today because I was in a rush and it is totally overloaded + I took my laptop in a second bag with me because it doesn't fit. (MacBook Air 13") Have you tried putting your belongings in both bags at the store? Then you should get an idea what works best for you.
  10. Thanks Quinni for your perspective :smile:
  11. The Neverfull will be perfect. I think you should go with the MM. The PM is a small tote.
  12. Definitely Neverfull for college! Much easier to get your laptop, notebook, books, paper, pen, etc in and out and will fit in the bag alot better too.
  13. The NF is more practical in terms of size, functionality, and it can be worn on the shoulder which leaves your hands free if you need to carry something else. I have the GM version in DE and have used it for uni and travelling, the MM would also be a good option size-wise, but the PM is ridiculously small and is more of a purse than an actual tote.
  14. nf
  15. The NF would definitely be better, but i would not recommend it. I can tell you that 99% of my students carry backpacks because:
    1. They are super trendy
    2. They have so much stuff to carry on a daily basis
    3. If you attend a big state school like mine, you ll be walking miles daily with a heavy bag, which will get old fast.

    Good luck making your decision!