Neverfull or Rivington in Damier Ebene?


Nov 28, 2008
Washington DC
I was all set to buy the Neverfull in Damier Ebene because I am in search of a great bag to use with my kids (so I can stop switching from handbag to diaper bag all of the time). Anyhow, was sure this was the *it* bag for me but when I went into the store, the SA showed me the Rivington and I was hooked! I *think* that I really love it! Love the zippers, love the straps, love the versatility of it...that you can have it opened up and it's just like the Neverfull or you can have it zipped and it's a nice handbag.

Any thoughts? Not sure what to do! Of course, it's twice as much money (which I'm willing to spend) but don't know if the Rivington when zipped is cute (which I think it is) or not?? Unfortunately, I had a Neiman's gift card so couldn't buy it at the LV store, but when I went to NM, they were sold out. I am planning to go back to try both again when they have it in stock but the SA there seemed to be steering towards the NF, not sure why.

Would love some advice!