Neverfull or petite bucket

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  1. Help I can't decide :confused1: Damier ebene Neverfull or mono petite Bucket ? I'm new to the LV world. I already have a mono speedy 35 . What do you guys think?
  2. Definitely a Damier Neverfull. Good luck :smile:
  3. Maybe a neverfull, I want one too :smile: do you know which size? I like them because their big and with my 3 kids I need big lol. Is the Damiet the "in" one to get? I wad thinking the monogram or damier azur... Maybe
  4. Damier Neverfull :biggrin:. The petit bucket is too small and narrow so you have to stack everything on top of eachother. Also, the bucket tips over in the car when you slam the brakes and everything flies out.
  5. Neverfull.
  6. I will guess that eveyone will say Neverfull for sure. I actually am the odd one out who has a bucket and does not like NF.
  7. I too have a petit bucket and love it. However, I think you're comparing apples and oranges with these two bags. The petit bucket is a much smaller bag ( that's why I like it), and you could never fit into this bucket what you could in a Neverfull. If you are looking for a larger bag that will hold more, go with the Neverfull. If you want a more compact bag, go with the petit bucket.
  8. damier neverfull ;)
  9. Neverfull :smile:
  10. neverfull mm..perfect bag perfect size!!!:biggrin:
  11. Another vote for the neverfull
  13. I have to say I love my bucket and I don't care for the NF very much.
    They are very different bags so if you can see them in person, that should help finalize your decision.
  14. either'll luv it;)
  15. Nf!