neverfull or palermo pm

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  1. hi....can anyone pls give me advise on this two bag...which one is more practical...thank u
  2. I don't have either, but I think that being able to zip the palermo would be nice.
  3. I am not a fan of the Neverfull... go for the Palmero! It seems much more practical.
  4. I too am not a fan of the Neverfull, get the Palermo!
  5. go for the Palmero for sure!!!
  6. Palermo for sure
  7.'s so versatile and chic. Somehow I think the Neverfull looks cheap, but that's just my opinion.

  8. I myself just got my 1st Neverfull MM bag.. but i will suggest Palermo :smile:
  9. I think the Palermo is very pretty and I love the zipper pull on it!
  10. I don't have either but if I were to buy one it would be the Palermo!
  11. Palermo all the way!
  12. I agree with the others, Palermo!
  13. can the palermo pm use as a shoulder bag....i am quite big size so just wonder is it suitable for me for a shoulder bag....

    however...why i cant find somebody showing their palermo in the "pic of lv in action"...or maybe i miss out something
  14. palermo, it has handles and a shoulder strap
  15. it depends
    for me in winter with coat all stuff, it is kind of tight

    i am picking up my tomorrow, i got GM, the big one