Neverfull …or NeoNoe? (first world problems)

Mar 28, 2015
I just bought the Neverfull DE in Rose ballerine (MIF) and I tried it on and LOVE it. It goes perfect with my LV big mono bag charm I bought with my speedy b DE. I do have the St Louis tote that I barely use… my thoughts were to use the DE for school once campus opens up since the St Louis corners are known for having holes.

I knew it was oversatured but when I went to Target I saw like 7 other women with DE (cherry) and monogram!

Idk why it bothered me because it shouldn’t - its a good bag hence the popularity. It made me think that maybe I should return/exchange it for something thats less of a popular bag? Especially since I have a tote already.

Neverfull, NeoNoe, or save up for a different bag?

The NeoNoe is still a classic, its spacious, its not the same silhouette as a tote, and you can dress it up (I was thinking of getting a scarf with it.)

Thoughts, opinions, which bag do you have and do you have any regrets?

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Apr 18, 2020
I would get the bag that will be the most functional, imo. Yes NFs are popular but who cares if it suits your needs??

I recently got the NF (PM size) and I love it..I dont carry much so im fine with it being small.

The noenoe seems like a good bag but I dont think itll be practical for school.
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May 19, 2020
I just purchased the NeoNoe and love it. Never thought twice about a NF until I saw a woman with one in DA with the most beautiful patina I have ever seen. Made me rethink it. And only some people will notice, until I started buying LV I literally never noticed them now I see them all the time. So weird. I feel that way about cars too. If you can I say get both. But the NF is a timeless classic.


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Aug 24, 2010
Down Under
I have read the same question over and over again in TPF, and my answer will always be the same.
I know everyone has neverfull, but why you have to care so much ? If the bag suits you, then just grab it. Neverfull is a very functional bag, that’s the reason why everyone need one. From shopper, worker, student until mommies use Neverfull, just because it is so easy to use. I have many bags, I also have Goyard tote, I have St Louis and Artois for when I need zipper, but Neverfull is my number one tote. Good luck on deciding. :amuse:


Mar 19, 2013
The NeoNoe is really small compared to the NF, but if you like it and want it as a daily bag, I think you should get it, and use a Longchamp for school. If you want a bigger LV bag for school that's not a NF, how about the regular Noe? The real deal big one?


Jan 24, 2016
I've never had the NeoNoe, but I've learned that as I get older, I tend to appreciate practicality more than aesthetics. I've recently sold most my LV bags and just kept the NF. NeoNoe is pretty, but I personally think that NF is a lot more practical. Buy the one you like and the one that will get the most use. It shouldn't matter if every other person at Target has one also. :smile:
May 31, 2006
I adore my NeoNoe but it doesn’t fit into the same usage category (for me) as the Neverfull. My NeoNoe is an awesome everyday bag that holds the essentials. It doesn’t hold nearly as much as a Neverfull though. It really depends on your needs.


Sep 6, 2019
I have both so this is hard for me to judge but I honestly believe they serve different purposes for me so both work. Only you know what your day to day life is like. I probably use the NeoNoe more lately because I don't always need to carry as much but when I'm busier or traveling in any way the Neverfull is my go to. I consider both to be daily bags depending on your lifestyle. I don't care at all that I see a lot of people carrying the Neverfull. I view this as making a smart decision on a bag that is useful. Good luck!
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Mar 28, 2015
Thanks for all your input ladies :P
I think you’re all right, for what suits me right now I’ll go with the NF...who cares who has it! The NF will be more functional and I can synch it if I really want the size of the neonoe. After countless of videos and threads, I think the NF is what will be more functional for me because of its versatility